Blue Sage Cannabis Company

Blue Sage Cannabis Company in Carthage

429 Peachtree Lane
Carthage, MO 64836

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10:00AM – 7:00PM
Sun 12:00PM – 5:00PM

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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A Blue Sage Cannabis Company dispensary located at 429 Peachtree Lane in Carthage is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Blue Sage Cannabis Company Wellness menu products will be available for MMJ Patients near Carthage diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Blue Sage - Carthage Menu

Any interactions with the live menu below, such as, but not limited to, product searches or order placing, take place directly with the menu provider. has no access to any personal data or transactional information when you are interacting with the menu.

What People Are Saying

J.J.'s Vibe
J.J.'s V.
15:16 16 Jan 22
WOW! What a great place to shop and learn about medical marijuana. The bud tenders reek with intelligence! The team is passionate about helping me find the perfect products to meet my daily needs. Blue Sage is the only place I need to go after shopping around for over 2 years. The passion, knowledge and groovy vibe is infections! Ask them to help you map out your day with a diary. The process is worth it! Then, relax and enjoy:)read more
Haley Watson
Haley W.
00:33 08 Dec 21
It literally gets better every time you goThe whole team is amazing and kind and I have the best experiences every time I come in!read more
Bryan Cox
Bryan C.
20:06 24 Nov 21
By far my favorite dispensary in southwest MO. Great patient service, friendly and caring. They have a 1st time buyers discount for new customers. Absolutely best selection of buds around. Pictured is the Strawberry Float by Illicit and it can be found at Blue more
Stephanie Beerman
Stephanie B.
00:09 19 Nov 21
The best people in an incredibly beautiful, clean location. Clementine Live love 😘👌
Adventures of Ben & Amanda
Adventures of Ben & A.
12:33 03 Nov 21
First timer! Great service! Amazing help! Product is awesome! The lady who helped me was so nice, and really showed she was there for the customer!read more
Chris Williams
Chris W.
01:13 23 Oct 21
Best place in the Joplin MO area hands down. They seem to be the only place in Missouri so far who understands how this operation should really work between owner and patient. Fair pricing, solid product and a great staff. The only thing i would like to see implemented is the sale and use (on their stock) is boveda packs so we can keep our stash fresher longer. So no complaints just a simple request to implement another sale item for our product and the sellers essentiallyread more
Logan Vaughan
Logan V.
00:03 14 Oct 21
I would give 10 stars if I could. This dispensary is easily one of the best in Missouri, and it's certainly the best one I've been to. Their selection is awesome, whether it's flower, concentrates, edibles, regardless they'll have a multitude of premium products that work very well. Prices are pretty standard for Missouri but they always have promotions going on (one every day of the week), offer a Veteran discount, and have other deals often enough that I am always saving money by coming here. Additionally, the staff here is super knowledgeable and beyond friendly. I used to have a lot of anxiety about going into a dispensary but at Blue Sage Cannabis they made it a comfortable experience for me that will make me a permanent more
Casey Holland
Casey H.
20:53 09 Oct 21
I actually live a bit closer to another store up north of this location but I would rather drive a little extra to have the service that this location gives me. Love the people love the product. Would go to no other locale. Thanks more
Theo Pfeifle
Theo P.
06:32 09 Oct 21
Fantastic group of people who work here! They get familiar with your MMJ needs, and are quite knowledgeable about the strains and their effects. There's a rewards system in place, as well! Every so often, you get discounts, based on the points you earn from your purchases. It's also nice, when you're a regular, to be welcomed by name! Friendly and knowledgeable people, in an environment with a calm more
Ben Heath
Ben H.
23:37 21 Sep 21
ABSOLUTELY the best dispensary I ve been to. I wish they had St Louis locations. I always stop here when in SWMO. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great specials. You guys are awesome 🤘read more
Trey “justtrey” Bradshaw
Trey “justtrey” B.
17:12 06 Sep 21
If I could give 7 stars I would! The experience was fantastic. The staff were very helpful, knowledgeable and not pushy! A large selection of many different products.Lots of Sales! Price point is about what would be expected. I will be back over and over!read more
Mona Pennington
Mona P.
19:38 02 Sep 21
Love this place. It is clean, the staff is great. Pretty good selection. Great vibe. Shout out to the bud tenders. Always helpful and patient. Knowledgeable on the strains. They have pretty decent deals as well. If you are a first time customer you get $50 off if you spend a $100. That was sweet! So if you haven't been there, here's your incentive. After that you'll go back just because. Love the little waterfall in the back. Nice location as well. They have a loyal customer in me. Check em out and support your local dispensary. You won't be sorry. 💜✌️read more
Hal Jordan
Hal J.
15:30 22 Aug 21
Wonderful to meet someone that shares my affinity for Green Lantern! Andy is a real one!! You and Gary made my day! Until next timeIn brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light!read more
David Mckenzie
David M.
14:40 16 Aug 21
Awesome customer service, good quality and prices. Will definitely be returning.
Bethany Weber
Bethany W.
17:00 15 Aug 21
I have been going here for several months now and every time the staff is very friendly and personable, and very knowledgeable about the products. I would highly recommend this dispensary to anyone!read more
Jenny Jen
Jenny J.
02:04 27 Jul 21
Blue Sage is easy to get to, has a professional atmosphere and friendly bud tenders. The lobby is clean and comfortable with plenty of seating and an available bathroom. They have a wide assortment of flower, edibles and CBG products. Prices are cheaper in comparison to other local dispensaries and they have 10% off happy hour! They update their website often so you don't have to call daily asking about available products. I absolutely love that you can buy the flower by the gram and it's handpicked right in front of you after they offer you a good whiff of the merchandise. I'm very pleased in my experience with Blue Sage so far, it's the dispensary I do recommend to all my friends and I will return in the more
Jason Hunter
Jason H.
23:12 22 Jul 21
They have lots to choose from. I think it's one of the best dispensaries around the area. The people are awesome and very more
Drew Johnson
Drew J.
02:18 07 Jul 21
Wife loves the way she's treated here. Absolutely feels very comfortable.High-ly recommended
Concerned Citizen
Concerned C.
13:46 25 Jun 21
Very helpful employees. My first trip to a dispensary and it was really easy and simple. Nice decor and selection!
Hope Johnston
Hope J.
23:00 19 Jun 21
I love this place. Definitely my favorite dispensary in the area. The staff is very personable. Prices are the lowest in the area. 👍👍read more
Larae AndWolf
Larae A.
20:40 15 Jun 21
Great place for local dispensary. Quite a variety for small shop. Oh stop and check ANDY OUT ON YOUR 1ST VISIT. 2nd visit just as good!! Andy is your guy keep it in mind!read more
Marrion Wildeisen
Marrion W.
17:08 29 May 21
I would give them 10 stars if I could!! ❤️❤️ Gary is so welcoming, helpful, and knowledgeable!! They also have an amazing selection of products! Thank you for your help! If you need a dispensary, go see them!read more
Sean Krzyzanowski
Sean K.
11:55 17 May 21
Many flower options. Good prices for Missouri. Great staff.. awesome people!
Tom C.
Tom C.
16:48 13 May 21
Excellent place. The best in the area. A lot of choices. See Andy for great honest service.
Four State Reviewer
Four State R.
23:04 06 May 21
As a route driver I run into dispensaries every single day in Missouri Arkansas and Oklahoma and I have to say this one is definitely well above the others. Very nice and professional decor inside like a fancy doctor's office and staff is very knowledgeable and super friendly. New products are arriving every single week and an amazing selection already. Will definitely be returning to Blue more
Danielle Sparks
Danielle S.
02:43 24 Apr 21
You want a good experience when you go for your first time ever, I did some research on other places and I always came back to Blue Sage, I'm so glad I did go from the time you walk through the door to the time you leave you are treated with amazing costumer service! On top of that the employees are very well knowledgeable with products and such which is always a plus in my book! Keep it up Blue Sage and I will be seeing you soon 😁read more
Jenn Ogle
Jenn O.
19:04 20 Apr 21
Absolutely one of my Favorite places in the area. Love the staff. Very friendly, informative, professional and cool. Lots of options for decent flower buds!! Great selection, great people, and great more
Brandon Zimmerman
Brandon Z.
23:43 08 Apr 21
I enjoyed my experience. The staff was great and the pricing was better than I have seen elsewhere. They package your product up in front of you, which is something I have not experienced at other Missouri dispensaries. I was in Carthage for something else, but I wanted to see the medicinal options. I would make the hour drive to visit this more
Sydney Evans
Sydney E.
21:27 27 Mar 21
I simply cannot rave about the folks at Blue Sage enough. While maintaining their professionalism, they greet each guest with familiarity and gentleness (exceptional for those like myself with crippling anxiety). No matter how inexperienced you are, they've got you. Without a doubt they've earned a loyal customer more
Jenny Jen
Jenny J.
00:27 18 Mar 21
Visiting Blue Sage is similar to visiting the doctor only way more fun. Blue Sage is easy to get to, has a professional atmosphere and friendly bud tenders. The lobby is comfortable with available bathroom and masks are "appreciated". They have an assortment of flower, gummies and CBG products. Prices are comparable to any other Missouri dispensary open right now. They update their website often so you don't have to call daily asking about available products. I'm very pleased in my experience with Blue Sage so far and will return in the more
The Weedguy
The W.
16:32 13 Mar 21
Awesome! Staff, pricing, location, experience.... EVERYTHING IS BETTER!No need to goto Springfield, Oklahoma, and definitely not Neosho!!!!Thank you guys for being above the rest!Keep getting better!Keep setting that bar!read more
Arnold Stephenson
Arnold S.
22:26 08 Mar 21
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! I might have been a little nervous to go in, but everyone made me feel very welcome. Thank you so much!read more
Joshua Hyde
Joshua H.
18:52 08 Mar 21
Very awesome. Ppl and service was great!!! Loved the building too
Daniel Darling
Daniel D.
00:53 27 Feb 21
Very friendly and well informed staff. "Highly" recommend!
jamie johnson
jamie J.
15:42 22 Feb 21
Liz is AMAZING !! Love the items she recommended, she has a genuine concern for her patients. She touched my heart so much I'm looking for a place to live near Carthage. If the rest of the town is half as friendly it's going to be a great place to settle after traveling for a couple of years.Plus she thinks I'm funny as hell !read more
Richard Wright
Richard W.
17:45 09 Feb 21
Good selection, not so astronomical prices. Clean well thought out from lobby to exit.
00:44 06 Feb 21
Was just there and picked up some edibles the staff were so friendly and knowledgeable about my medical needs totally recommend!!read more
Allie Parker
Allie P.
23:45 02 Feb 21
The people were very nice wasn't happy with the flower it was brown an smelled like dirt an with tax paid $50.00 for an 1/8read more
Haley Watson
Haley W.
19:13 02 Feb 21
Everybody was so so so friendly! Very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to answer any questions I had. Amazing, amazing, more
Nichole Leigh
Nichole L.
18:25 02 Feb 21
So great that they are service animal friendly!!
Dav Del
Dav D.
21:35 01 Feb 21
Friendly Staff....Great Atmosphere
Alisha Williams
Alisha W.
23:38 31 Jan 21
They have flower and edibles!!😊💚🌱🌲🍓🍒🍇🍉
Andy Lord
Andy L.
21:30 31 Jan 21
Welcome to the neighborhood! 🙏🏻We hope you serve your community well!Let me/us know what you need!Great experience and great staff!Warm and welcoming, better atmosphere than more
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