Fresh Green Cannabis

Fresh Green Cannabis Dispensary in Lees Summit

1041 NE Sam Walton Ln
Lees Summit, MO 64086

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri 12 – 7
Sat – Sun 12 – 6

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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Fresh Green cannabis store in Lees Summit located at 1041 NE Sam Walton Ln is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Fresh Green menu products are available for MMJ Patients near Manchester diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Fresh Green Dispensary - Lees Summit

What People Are Saying

Throw Away
Throw A.
20:18 06 Apr 21
My first visit to this dispensary did not live up to my expectations. I’ve previously visited multiple dispensaries in various areas of Missouri but none of my other experiences seemed unprofessional- up until my visit to Fresh Green. Getting into the door and dealing with security was fine, interacting with the bud tender was where things got interesting. He was a younger guy but could not seem to figure out how to pull his mask up over his nose; forgivable enough. Upon talking with the bud tender it was obvious that he was either completely gone or just could not care less. I don’t expect someone working in an environment focused on marijuana to be completely sober all the time, however, the environment of this dispensary did not give me the impression of a MEDICAL marijuana facility. I can appreciate the aesthetic of the dispensary itself but the rest of the environment is not suited for anyone who is not already familiar with more
R Spillman
R S.
02:06 01 Apr 21
The staff is so friendly and helpful! I go to the Lee's Summit location and couldn't be happier! The waiting room is comfortable and security guard friendly and personable! Great staff, great product and comparable prices! Love that they have specials for holidays! Happy medicating in MO finally!read more
Katrina Guyot
Katrina G.
00:39 30 Mar 21
I’ve been highly anticipating the Waldo location to open, and I finally was able to make my first visit. I went around 6 pm, and was happy and slightly surprised that there was no line at all! The interior design had a nice vibe, with lots of cool wall art. The prices were more reasonable than I thought they’d be too. The ATM for some reason wasn’t reading my card, so I was a little short with the cash on hand. However Cooper and Margaret hooked it up and let me purchase anyway! They even threw in a $10 gift card which I did not deserve :,) Wonderful customer service!! It was my favorite dispensary visit in KC. Overall great experience and I will be back soon! Keep blazing and stay amazingread more
Teresa Ravenscroft
Teresa R.
10:37 10 Mar 21
The place looks and smells amazing! The line outside waiting to get on was not bad and moved very quickly. The protocol inside was easy enough and the service from everyone I encountered was stellar! The prices and selection were great! I look forward to making many many happy visits to this location!! Sign up for the email and get coupons!read more
Cherie Diedrich
Cherie D.
03:28 11 Feb 21
Love this dispensary!! The atmosphere is so relaxed and homey and the service is superb. Very friendly easy to talk to staff and above all, if you don't know, they donated $125,000 to Veterans and low income people. That is huge in my book!! Thank you Fresh Greenread more
Teresa Ravenscroft
Teresa R.
14:25 01 Feb 21
The place looks and smells amazing! The line outside waiting to get on was not bad andoved very quickly. The protocol inside was easy enough and the service from everyone I encountered was stellar! The prices and selection were great! I look forward to making many many happy visits to this location!! Sign up for the email and get coupons!read more
Norene Place
Norene P.
02:19 29 Jan 21
Excellent service, great product.Logan was very knowledgeable and helpful. He put me right at ease.It is a smaller shop so there was a line to get in, but the line did move at a decent pace. Once inside there is a waiting area with chairs.All in all it was a good experience.Definitely will stop by more
Sheila Baldock
Sheila B.
18:20 25 Jan 21
I gave it 3 stars for customer service until I went in this past week. Tattoo dude did not ask my name nor did he even act like he was happy to be there He just said what do you want, and pointed to the shelf behind him. Then started changing someone else’s account information without checking to ask my name. First visits were great. Talked about product, talked about upcoming products. Tattoo dude was having none of that. I only will be back when it’s my only choice. Customer service is good but it should not be the only good thing about your company, just an FYI. That seems to be the only good thing I read about the shop. And my experience didn’t even meet that standard. I do have to agree I can get the same quality and usually better quality of weed on the streets at a way cheaper more
dB F.
20:45 21 Jan 21
First time ever visiting, line was moving. Owner came out and I got to speak to him, he tried answering the question I had and was friendly guy who wore Gucci and nikes like me. I like this dude style. Once I got inside it was a super hot girl with tattoos. Beautiful scenery. Then the tender a guy came and took me into the back room and it was amazing artwork. He was knowledgeable, and the vibes were great. I have nothing bad to say about this place. I’d stand in like rain, sleet or snow. They good more
pam schuchner
pam S.
23:47 19 Dec 20
Made my first visit yesterday. Staff was excellent. Made me feel comfortable and very knowledgeable and helpful with products. Can't wait to try new products! Very good quality. My new favorite more
Maintenance Department
Maintenance D.
11:24 17 Dec 20
Went to Fresh Green for the first time yesterday and was impressed by the overall process. John Paul was my budtender and was absolutely informative on the available flower. Ask him about the future of concentrates and was quick to tell me it wouldn't be until maybe April before we see anything available. I would highly recommend this dispensary to anyone. Extremely nice staff and more
Bradford Adams
Bradford A.
17:59 15 Dec 20
Long lines outside product was small all could fit on a nickel no big buds low t levels 21 _ 23 percent very low selection only 3 when I visited hardly worth the money and the wait for an hour in 30 degree weather got cerebral palsy and the wait was almost unbearable should of taken phone number and let you wait in your vehicle then call when it's your turn to go in like the way restaurant are doing we are humans not cattle treat us like it a lot of us can't take the cold or heat please use my suggestion it's for your patients and solves problems such as social distancing and happier customers product should get better after more business open and competition is a factor but right now they have a monopoly and taking advantage of the situation so expect high prices low customer service and no choices in product you either get what they have or leave with nothingread more
Michael Flint
Michael F.
18:20 11 Dec 20
Awesome dispensary! They went out of there way to accommodate me and gave me a great discount on top of it all. 15% veterans discount is awesome! Very friendly owner and his wife was helpful as well. They know the product and are very helpful selecting the right product for my more
Brian Hoops
Brian H.
02:58 01 Dec 20
Rob the owner is very accommodating and friendly! Came out to the parking lot and checked on people in line on a cold windy day. Was answering many different questions people had without hesitation. The security guard was very friendly and helpful as was the entire staff! Great quality The lemon Haze Sativa is awesome! Looking forward to new strains and cartridges to come! Thank you 🙏read more
Josie K.
Josie K.
21:47 21 Nov 20
This is a great dispensary! Yes the prices are like wow. But the quality is amazing! Rob is a kind and compassionate man and so are the employees, especially towards low income and disabled. I know they will have much more to come. Fresh Green has a customer for life in me. I can’t wait for the edibles and concentrates. This is a first class business. Thank you Rob and more
Jolene Tabora
Jolene T.
03:10 20 Nov 20
I just wanted to say, first time, and will go back there every time. Everyone there was over the top nice, respectful, helpful. The security man at the door, was very nice and helped me w pulling up my card, and helped us sign in, grabbed a chair for my elderly patient. Once inside, Cooper, was the man, stepped up and was patient with her and all her questions. We got to meet the owner who was very kind, After leaving she was so excited the whole day! Couldn’t believe how wonderful it was and just wanted to go back cause she loved it so much. So I appreciate the help and kindness, and giving her a wonderful time. W some great Marijuana to help her w her pain. And Appetite. Would recommend to everyone, and if your nervous or new to the medical marijuana, this is the place to more
John Lemons
John L.
22:13 05 Nov 20
Price is dictated by supply. Dispensary has zero control at this point. So my review is focused on the store and staff. The outside looks about like any dispensary I've seen in cities elsewhere. Inside, the atmosphere is much more relaxing and chill then the busy intersection a few yards away. It's a dark, low key vibe; which you should expect in a MMJ dispensary. Staff was professional and seemed knowledgeable. Overall, what I expected in a good way. Well done so more
Captain Disillusion
Captain D.
17:20 03 Nov 20
I only buy extracts, anymore that's all that works for me. So I didn't expect much from their layer cake. But wow, gotta tell ya, one partial joint and I was done for the day. Top shelf product, staff were amazing. If you go here, don't be a jerk. At least drop your change even if it is only a quarter into their tip jarread more
Nathaniel R
Nathaniel R
20:16 20 Oct 20
First of all, YES, you will have to wait. It’s one of the first dispensaries in Missouri that is open. YES, supply is limited. If you can handle that, the staff is amazing! They brought out hot chocolate, snacks, and were very welcoming during the wait. A lot of it was out of their control too. But given the circumstances, they did everything they could and made it a great experience 🙂read more
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