Fresh Karma Dispensaries

Fresh Karma Dispensary in Parkville

10915 NW 45 Hwy
Parkville, MO 64152

Hours of Operation:

11am – 8pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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Fresh Karma Dispensary in Parkville located at 10915 NW 45 Hwy is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Fresh Karma menu products are available for MMJ Patients near Parkville diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Fresh Karma Parkville Dispensary Menu

Any interactions with the live menu below, such as, but not limited to, product searches or order placing, take place directly with the menu provider. has no access to any personal data or transactional information when you are interacting with the menu.

What People Are Saying

Cameron Asztalos
Cameron A.
22:18 06 Nov 21
Had a super easy trip to the dispensary. Just recently got my med card so I was fairly new to the whole process and my budtender (I believe her name was Mia) was super friendly and knowledgeable. Anything marijuana related I judge based on the vibes and this place has all good vibes all around. 😊 11/10 would recommendread more
Dalton Ross
Dalton R.
00:21 06 Nov 21
A customer of 6 Months with at least 15 visits. I challenge any Patient to stop by this Location if you've never been to it. Their Strain Rotation and Display is wonderful. If you want to deal with friendly people & get your needs serviced with respect; I highly advise stopping by. These hard working professionals extrapolate the Medical Marijuana Industry in a highly polished environment and I always enjoy the conversations and politeness extended from Staff. 10/10read more
Lupita Garcia
Lupita G.
19:51 04 Nov 21
This place never disappoints! The staff is always so welcoming and helpful. Great bud, great people and great prices- one of my favorite spots for sure!read more
Kohl Juranas
Kohl J.
21:45 02 Nov 21
EDIT: As you can see below the store responded to my issue with the concentrate. They issued a refund in the form of store credit and said they would not be purchasing the strain in the future. I'm more than satisfied with the outcome. I've updated the review to reflect my experience, 5/5 stars. Great customer service and the other concentrate I purchased was more
Zachery Sayers
Zachery S.
22:17 01 Nov 21
Easily my go to shop in the KC Metro area. From price to selection, they have a ton pf stuff! Plus the bud tenders are honest and friendly 😎read more
Julie Waddell
Julie W.
13:17 26 Oct 21
Had a lot anxiety about making my first purchase but the staff & Danny were very welcoming and made things stress free for me and even had a few laughs. Recommend this dispensary for anyone who lives in the area.Edit to Add - Second visit was just as easy and I am now expecting Rob to have blue hair my next visit! Honestly though - the staff here is amazing!read more
Miguel The Destroyer
Miguel The D.
14:42 22 Oct 21
As a new patient with Missouri medical marijuana I was very excited but also very confused as to where to start with everything. Stepping into fresh karma, Rob, I believe was his name, helped me immensely! He was very knowledgeable with everything I had a question about. I originally came in for some edibles but after talking with Rob and him getting to know me, I ended up picking up some flower, a few cartridges and some concentrate. Without Rob I would’ve been completely lost. Thank you so much for your help and I will most definitely be returning!read more
Robert Billings
Robert B.
05:44 22 Oct 21
Shoutout to budtender Rob Constance and his deep knowledge of the modern cannabis world! If the cannabis industry is going to be taken seriously on the United States, it needs more professional understanding and less stoner gimmicks! Thank you and keep it up!read more
Lupita Garcia
Lupita G.
17:09 17 Oct 21
Very nice dispensary with great prices and a variety in strains. Go-to place in KC, you have to give them a try! 🙂
Sindy Phillips
Sindy P.
00:02 16 Oct 21
Great store fast convient. Fun parking lot. Great selection of premium 👌cannabis.
Lupita Garcia
Lupita G.
13:35 17 Sep 21
So far my favorite dispensary in KC! Very clean dispensary with friendly/knowledgeable staff, great prices and quality products. Will definitely be back!read more
Tonia Proctor
Tonia P.
20:24 13 Sep 21
Great and informative staff, very knowledgeable and helpful. Great selection of products. Great experience!
Kim Browning
Kim B.
18:58 15 Aug 21
Love this Parkville dispensary. Great service, great people. Good product. Clean. Look forward to seeing more Sativa flower more
Alex Franklin
Alex F.
19:06 10 Aug 21
Looks run down from the outside, but is very nice and clean on the inside. The quality of the product is as good as it gets! No more
Alex Tripp
Alex T.
16:05 06 Aug 21
Hands down, one of the best spots for the cheapest prices on the dankest products. You have to check out Fresh Karma in Parkville!read more
Jamie Brizendine
Jamie B.
11:10 06 Aug 21
Amazing dispensary.Clean. Staff is amazing, very knowledgeable, very friendly and always greet me with a “Hey Jamie, welcome back to Fresh Karma, how are you?” when everyone greets me. I mean, even security is super cool.Prices are good. Service is stellar. Highly more
Dave Wright
Dave W.
21:39 24 Jul 21
Great establishment, friendly and knowledgeable associates. Would highly recommend!
Baillie Strong
Baillie S.
17:51 02 Jun 21
Great products and the security guard played the harmonica for my daughter while I shopped 🙂
Cynthia Craven
Cynthia C.
20:19 14 May 21
Everyone was really nice and educated me about everything really in the store. I was kinda nervous and scared about going. Now so glad my decision to try all of this but they made me feel comfortable with education. Thanksread more
19:20 13 May 21
Very nice place, clean with useful and friendly staff. Would be nice if they rotated different flower types.
S Storie
S S.
23:37 23 Apr 21
Offers online purchases with curbside pickup. Perfect as I am disabled. I call to tell them I have arrived for pick up they tell me curbside is not an option. They have no way of processing payments outside. However online it said cash pick up so I’m not sure how they can’t process a cash paymentI was told if I wanted to come in and shop they would be happy to help. Again I am disabled I would love to walk in and shop but it is not an option.They apologized for the inconvenience 🤷🏻‍♀️ But they have no idea how much energy it took me just to get in my car and drive all the way over to the dispensary to be told it is not an optionread more
Jacqueline Akins
Jacqueline A.
17:17 13 Apr 21
Clean, loved the friendly helpful staff. They have quality product for a reasonable price. Nicest dispensary I’ve been to!read more
22:11 07 Apr 21
This is a OVER PRICED dispensary. I would (NOT) recommend this place to anyone looking for AFFORDABLE medicine.Its just truly said of the mark up. It's cheaper for the (SAME) flower else more
chicken fried
chicken F.
11:01 04 Apr 21
🤔"To be honest my visit here was at best ok..." I'm not sure if it was the (lack) of product or the (budtender) I had...I just wasn't happy with my visit here!!! I'm not sure if I will shop here again or if I'd recommend it to anyone... I'm still very much up in the air with this dispensary... (3) ⭐'s might even be a lil more
03:30 01 Apr 21
Gelato pre-roll primo!!!Great gummies!!!Nice flower!!!Best prices anywhere!!!
Sheena's Designs
Sheena's D.
01:14 31 Mar 21
Such a wonderful place to go to. I highly recommend this place!! I'm so excited to go back!!! They just opened last Friday & their business is BOOMING! They are ALL so very friendly and will explain anything that you would like to know! They have a rewards program coming in a week or 2, Available online ordering Now. High5! I'm the gal from st joe more
Jennifer Snedeger
Jennifer S.
04:47 29 Mar 21
Very very effective gummies!Bubba fett pre-roll!Lowest prices I've come across!
D Bett
D B.
23:10 24 Mar 21
Great product!
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