Greenlight Dispensary Missouri

Greenlight Dispensary in Harrisonville

1408 Rte 291
Harrisonville, MO 64701

Hours of Operation:

10am – 8pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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A Greenlight Dispensary located at 1408 Rte 291 in Harrisonville is open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Greenlight menu products will be available for MMJ Patients near Harrisonville diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Greenlight Dispensary - Harrisonville Menu

Any interactions with the live menu below, such as, but not limited to, product searches or order placing, take place directly with the menu provider. has no access to any personal data or transactional information when you are interacting with the menu.

What People Are Saying

William Franken
William F.
19:49 26 Nov 21
I love Greenlight. They have the best overall prices on flower and always carry budlets which are even more reasonably more
Jack Bousman
Jack B.
19:42 09 Nov 21
The best new store in harrisonville, def the best smelling store in town. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and i love earning store credit with my more
Trey (Mayhem)
Trey (.
19:36 15 Sep 21
10 out of 10 would recommend. I have only visited this location and the one in Joplin and they were both fantastic, the quality of attitude and the environment alone were absolutely outstanding, add in the customer service ontop of that and it's honestly one of the most relaxing/helpful business environments I've ever been in. From the employees, to the guard, to the awesome woman that helped my wife who could barely talk at the time because an hour prior she had 5 teeth pulled (the reason I had taken her there haha.). We love everything about this company. They also have a Medical card program through them that if you use it makes it very cheap to get your card and you get a $25 in store credit after completed and they will help you every step of the way. And you get a free 25 bucks, that was what we used our first time in the store because we were flat broke at the time. But yes, solid 10, would recommend, go meet these awesome people if you havent yet. 🤙🏼💯🇺🇲read more
Lorri Noland
Lorri N.
17:27 06 Aug 21
Friendly staff! Best prices around! Nice flower. So many eatable choices! Dont waste ur money at Lee's summit dispensary. This is where I'll be shopping from now on!read more
Michael Hunter
Michael H.
17:31 01 Aug 21
Best experience in a dispensary, Wolfy is amazing and very knowledgeable. Love the atmosphere in there, its laid back and don't feel rushed when picking out products. Would "highly" recommend to anyone and everyoneread more
Paul Coffey
Paul C.
20:05 31 Jul 21
Chelsea was amazing! Very knowledgeable and extremely friendly! Lots of fun products to choose from for those who...just don't really wanna smoke anything lolread more
Travis Matthews
Travis M.
19:36 31 Jul 21
Hands down. Some of the best herb. I've ever had. And. Staff. Is absolutely informative and sharp definitely my #1
23:35 22 Jul 21
Great store, good deals. Marissa is the best bud tender for sure. Very friendly and knowledgeable
Wendy Murphy
Wendy M.
19:12 19 Jul 21
The Harrisonville location is my favorite dispensary in the KC metro. They consistently have great products, they are so helpful and friendly and the place is adorable. My go to!read more
Ress Casey
Ress C.
20:15 15 Jul 21
My bud tender was able to identify what strain I needed and gave me knowledge about marijuana.
Amanda VanLue - Caudill
Amanda VanLue - C.
18:13 12 Jul 21
I love this place and the employees. Everyone is nice and very knowledgeable.
Toothless Blues Boy Norman
Toothless Blues Boy N.
23:27 11 Jul 21
A first class dispensary with great meds and great people. I'll be going back for sure!
Jessi Stratton
Jessi S.
04:40 10 Jul 21
My favorite dispensary! The staff is so welcoming and takes their time to explain things to me, The manager Jonathan goes above and beyond for his customers & so does Spencer & Marissa! ☺️read more
Jeanna Jackson
Jeanna J.
20:02 02 Jul 21
Friendly staff willing to answer all your questions. Very clean and accessable.
Laura Is Laughing
Laura Is L.
22:57 29 Jun 21
I have visited three times now. Everyone, from the manager on down have been so kind and helpful and friendly. My favorite and friendliest bud tender is Mary. She always points me in the right direction. And any questions I ever have? Are always answered. I highly recommend this dispensary. You won’t regret it! And here’s a friendly tip. You can check out their menu online before you go!read more
Staci Greer
Staci G.
22:44 29 Jun 21
Wonderful place! Super chill and helpful girls there.
mitchel shonkwiler
mitchel S.
17:03 29 Jun 21
Grate place full of awesome staff. Big shout out to the beautiful Marissa and Mary. Keep on smiling!!!
Kage Song
Kage S.
21:18 24 Jun 21
Well, yeah, great service, great employees and managers. Product is probably as good as can be expected for a while, but likely to improve. I can complain about prices, but that's a statewide thing, so no points off. Crew have been eager to be sure I walk home with what I need for my symptoms. A notable conversation was:I want the shakeDon't buy the shake, the shake is no goodI got the last shake, it was greatThat shake was amazing, don't get this shake, it's not smokableI think management appreciates feedback like this, and works to ensure the quality of product with employees that have the courage to be honest about a product. We discussed what would be best for me, and I walked home with something that worked very well and returned the next more
Jenna Kannenberg
Jenna K.
07:24 12 Jun 21
EVERYONE is amazing they spend time helping you, like you're the only person that matters!!
Michelle K
Michelle K
21:20 19 Apr 21
Everyones so nice here. Keep up he great work guys. If you need the best green in town this is the place to be.
Chi City
Chi C.
21:18 19 Apr 21
I Love this Store, and the products 😉 Johnathan always gives me great service every time to come in. Highly recommend!!read more
Kaden Pfeiffer
Kaden P.
01:05 17 Apr 21
Awesome people! I strictly only buy my cannabis from here. Amazing selection and great prices!
Austin Hill
Austin H.
16:26 15 Apr 21
Kaitlyn is the best at recommending products that help me the best! I recommend going to her for advice!
olivia crecelius
olivia C.
01:05 12 Apr 21
Got great service from Denisha she was super friendly! Definitely will come back! 🙂
Seth Coopers MMJ Vlogs
Seth Coopers MMJ V.
01:54 08 Apr 21
Greenlight is the best Missouri Dispensary by far I have been here multiple times every time I go they treat me like family much love Greenlight staff o yeah and the General manager John is a great guy and he is doing awesome here in Harrisonville keep it up man your on top From COOPread more
Brady Bates
Brady B.
16:37 07 Apr 21
Lyndsey is the best employee you have. Period. Not only does she have excellent customer service, but she exceeds expectations in every other aspect of the job including making people smile. Give her a raise if you know what’s good for you greenlight!read more
Johnathan Harper
Johnathan H.
15:05 06 Apr 21
This one great dispensary. They really take good care of me when I visit.
Mariesa Bond
Mariesa B.
01:25 21 Mar 21
The staff here is amazing. Helpful and knowledgable. Answered about 50 questions for me, gave me information and helped me understand the more
Korey Nelson
Korey N.
22:41 15 Mar 21
It was ok... they are cash only. Felt more uncomfortable there not sure why. The prices are fair and quality it good too. The staff was friendly had bad vibes from security and they didn’t have my order ready like they said they did 3 hours before I arrived.would give more stars if my anxiety wouldn’t have went through the roof while waiting. I almost knocked a glass tip jar off as well bad placementread more
Gordon Sorensen
Gordon S.
04:48 11 Mar 21
Very disappointed with the product quality. Flower was dry, harsh, and low potency. Not trimmed well, lots of leaf left on. C4 and Illicit brand meds are much better. Staff was friendly though. Would not reccomend to others, there are better options in the more
Nathan Wilson
Nathan W.
23:24 10 Mar 21
I had a really good experience here, The staff was really friendly and were easily able to help me find what I was looking for and I was out just as fast as I came in, Also the quality of their product is very good and I highly recommend coming here 😁read more
Anna Nichols
Anna N.
17:40 02 Mar 21
It is very nice very clean prices are very well considering the situation that we are all in with this covid please be respectful to them like I was and where your maskread more
An Average Try Hard
An Average Try H.
21:18 26 Feb 21
Amazing service! The people were nice and kind. They got me what I needed quick. I was in and out in literally 5 minutes
Sheila Handke
Sheila H.
03:56 25 Feb 21
Have online ordering, and drive thru pick up
chicken fried
chicken F.
23:42 24 Feb 21
👏😁I recently went to their Bannister store...and let me tell you this place knows what they are doing!!!..."THIS DISPENSARY OFFERS 👍👉QUALITY FLOWER AT A VERY FAIR PRICE👈👍....THIS DISPENSARY IS A 💥MUST VISIT!!!...Thanks for finally opening!!! more
chicken fried
chicken F.
01:38 17 Feb 21
👏😁I recently went to their Bannister store...and let me tell you this place knows what they are doing!!!..."THIS DISPENSARY OFFERS 👍👉QUALITY FLOWER AT A VERY FAIR PRICE👈👍....THIS DISPENSARY IS A 💥MUST VISIT!!!...Thanks for finally opening!!! more
juan boquin
juan B.
19:39 16 Feb 21
This dispensary is very friendly and welcoming. The staff is knowledgeable and eager to help.
levin good
levin G.
17:48 14 Feb 21
Fantastic start for a dispos in my opinion, I just gave them my card and ID. After they verified my liscense I was let into the back where I was met with a group of smiling and excited dispensary workers. They helped me find a quick and good selection and was very good at answering my questions on incoming products. The pricing wasnt bad for medical, I bought three of there pre rolls and I was consistanty satisfied with the flavor, as well the high. The smoke was good as well but a smig harsh for what I'm used to. Altogether I would say this is a great dispo to go to for an amazing experience. The only reason why I didn't give them 5 stars was because they dont have concentrates yet but the staff did assure me that they will have them possibly by March 🤞🤞.read more
bob pelsor
bob P.
14:28 13 Feb 21
My friends, definately worth the wait! The staff was the tops!! Shout out to Spence,Dee Dee,and all the staff. And to Big Maui (much love brother), the manager,you guys have made it a super pleasant experience! Knowing you guys are here and i dont have to travel over 20 miles for medicine makes fighting the side effects of Chrons' so much easier!!!MUCH LOVE TO MY NEW TENDERS!!SILVERBACK strikes again!!!read more
chicken fried
chicken F.
00:09 13 Feb 21
👏😁I recently went to their Bannister store...and let me tell you this place knows what they are doing!!!..."THIS DISPENSARY OFFERS 👍👉QUALITY FLOWER AT A VERY FAIR PRICE👈👍....THIS DISPENSARY IS A 💥MUST VISIT!!!...Thanks for finally opening!!! more
Dean Cheek
Dean C.
19:00 12 Feb 21
Excellent customer service
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