Greenlight Dispensary Missouri

Greenlight Dispensary in Poplar Bluff

1435 N Westwood Blvd
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Hours of Operation:

10am – 8pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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A Greenlight Dispensary located at 1435 N Westwood Blvd in Poplar Bluff is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Greenlight menu products will be available for MMJ Patients near Poplar Bluff diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Greenlight Dispensary - Poplar Bluff Menu

Any interactions with the live menu below, such as, but not limited to, product searches or order placing, take place directly with the menu provider. has no access to any personal data or transactional information when you are interacting with the menu.

What People Are Saying

22:48 03 Jan 22
They won't stack military veterans discounts, as they did before.High quality product. Too high of price. I'm talking astronomically high prices. No price-breaks for buying quantities above one gram.UPDATE: Most all pre-rolls are now low potency shake. I bought 4 Bubba Fett pre rolls ($100!) Thinking I would get top quality, but sadly I broke one down to examine the flower and it's less than a gram and of shake. Not cool.Oh and I am an official "Founder" and that means nothing. Where are my member deals, monthly specials, Founder perks, I didn't even get a birthday special.Some improvements would help as I am dropping thousands as a Founder.Looking forward to more dispensaries opening up soon!Love all my budtenders and staff. They are very pleasant and fun to explore with. Much Love!read more
Felicity Hoffman
Felicity H.
22:08 29 Dec 21
Good place but would not serve us because the person shopping had an expired ID.Not in any way saying this is their fault. Just saying we could not really review anything because we weren't more
Felicity Hoffman
Felicity H.
04:57 25 Dec 21
Good place but would not serve us because the person shopping had an expired ID
21:05 20 Dec 21
High quality product. Too high of price. I'm talking astronomically high prices. No price-breaks for buying quantities above one more
Tosha Roberts
Tosha R.
18:23 26 Nov 21
The staff is absolutely amazing! They are always fun and friendly when I visit. They are very knowledgeable about the medication they offer and are always happy to make more
Jessica Marlow
Jessica M.
22:00 26 Oct 21
Good quality flower. 1913 rocks! Its an extra 25 minutes on drive time but really is worth it! Would leave 5 stars, but they are just opened and does not have a wide variety yet. I recommend heya every single time!read more
Ken Ozbun
Ken O.
11:20 24 Oct 21
Thank you for your kindness and I will especially be coming back there again Angela Rush made sure to explain to me the different strands and took the time to break down and tell me the pros and cons of it all thank you and look forward to doing more business in the futureread more
Aric Riley
Aric R.
21:34 26 Sep 21
Super awesome visit!! Staff and security were on point with operations, friendly and welcoming, knowledgeable on their products and helped me out perfectly. I was very impressed and recommend everyone in the area to check em out. Hope to be back soon. 😁read more
David Little
David L.
15:04 06 Aug 21
The staff was absolutely amazing very friendly helpful and outgoing.However, comma the prices do not reflect the same. The owners of greenlight dispensaries apparently own a monopoly Southeast Missouri medical cannabis. The patients were told the prices would go down but would go down but have done just the opposite and have skyrocket!I've attempted over 5 times the contact corporate never to have any emails returned Green light says they care about patients but their prices reflect greed and greet more
Tyler Creasman
Tyler C.
20:25 14 Jul 21
Everyone is very nice. Great attitudes. My favorite worker there is Desmond Sanders. He makes sure to also make everyone smile and he knows me by my name n remembers you n makes you feel more
Erika Payne
Erika P.
23:27 12 Jul 21
Been in many dispensaries across the country and the staff is always so helpful. It warms my heart to know that I have a wonderful and informative staff so close to home! Jacob Bruce and Desmond Sanders are the ones I look for every time I come in! Stop by and let the boys get you something to relax and feel better!read more
Misty Ward
Misty W.
21:16 12 Jul 21
Desmond Sanders is a great guy. He helps me get what I need. Angela is a sweetheart and helpful as well. I love the feeling u get when u walk in especially when they are working because they go out of their way to make it a great experience. Desmond even walked me out to my car one day because I was having trouble walking and he didn't want me to more
Mike Holman
Mike H.
19:27 12 Jul 21
Every time we go in this one guy that is a bud tender there, Desmond Sanders, he is always knowledgeable on everything in the store. The whole staff makes you feel like family but this guy is the best one and knows what he is doin. Good jobread more
Christina Clark
Christina C.
13:09 01 Jul 21
Fantastic People. They know their knowledge about any item to help point you in the right choice for your needs. Everyone is friendly and very welcoming from the very first time you more
Tina HouseE T
Tina HouseE T
04:13 01 Jul 21
This is the best place ever. Convenient and some of the best employees shout out to Katie my girl and all the staff. Awesome 👌read more
Charity Gallamore
Charity G.
18:32 25 Jun 21
Every time i come to Greenlight the workers are amazing. Their product knowledge and friendliness is the best I’ve received at a dispensary. The range of products is worth a stop inread more
Sheena McRoy
Sheena M.
17:46 25 Jun 21
Angela is awesome love it when she is working. All the people are very nice and helpful. If you are nervous or worried about going your first time dont be the people are great service is fantastic but the prices are more
Kat's Khaos
Kat's K.
11:55 10 Jun 21
Mike is always cheerful and nice. I was in there and thankfully I didnt get the other person working (not sure of her name) but she didn't smile and the lady she was waiting on, seemed to be an inconvenience for her. Joe, the security guard is always pleasant and nice. I can't remember the young man's name, the one who checks you in, he is always absolutely wonderful and friendly. I'm hoping the female working on 6/09 was just having a bad day because I wouldn't want to be waited on by her otherwise. I guess we will have to wait and see. Everyone else is always absolutely more
Hannah Kell
Hannah K.
15:27 05 Jun 21
Best staff ever, boss man is cool. Really calm and welcoming vibe, but still professional.
Chari Pratt
Chari P.
06:21 09 May 21
Very friendly staff getting a better selection cant wait till the hard candies and also the baked goods and the reusable vape pens. Angela was very nice and helpful. Will for sure go more
Denola Duke
Denola D.
14:46 06 May 21
I woke up this morning, for the first time in a long TIME, with no arm pains.I had an edible for pain, when I went to bed, and no waking up with pain radiating down BOTH arms!!Thanks to the budtenders, for taking TIME to find the right ( or best for me).I will go back, I really appreciate All of them!! ✌🤟read more
Jeanie White
Jeanie W.
01:56 06 May 21
The whole staff is great!! A big Thank You to Angela!! I appreciate your help😀
Elizabeth Pedroza
Elizabeth P.
18:19 01 May 21
Today was my first visit ever. I was so nervous and anxious, but the wonderful associate Angela made me feel comfortable and at home instantly. She explained everything I had questions on and showed me options I probably wouldn’t have considered otherwise. The environment was so pleasant. Great music, great product, great people. I cannot wait for my next visit!read more
Jonni Houser
Jonni H.
18:00 01 May 21
Very friendly staff! Nice variety. It was my first time in a dispensary, they were excited that I was there and were happy to answer questions. I will definitely be visiting on a regular basis. Thanks for the great service!!read more
Christopher Schmitt
Christopher S.
16:47 10 Apr 21
It seems like the best stuff gets sold out by the end of business on Friday and the products are not very potent. I’m sure they will get better as time goes more
MBS games
19:29 01 Apr 21
The staff are friendly & very knowledgeable. As a first-timer I relied on the recommendations of the staff. Following the recommended product instructions, I'm happy to say that my pain level dropped from a 8/9 to a 3/4. I'm so happy to know there's a knowledgeable staff people who see you as more that a dollar sign. Keep up the good more
Jeremy Schulz
Jeremy S.
04:43 20 Mar 21
Very friendly staff! Today was my first visit but I felt as if I'd been in there a million times. I must say, this is the nicest dispensary I've been to in Missouri and has waaaay better product than others. Their selection is limited but I'm sure that will change in time. Will definitely be coming back!read more
Rodney Christian
Rodney C.
20:26 17 Mar 21
As soon as you walk through the doors you are greeted and acknowledged and asked how you are doing if you show any signs of any disability everyone there that works for the green light dispensary even the guards are there to help they're very courteous I've never had a bad experience every time I come it's better and better the staff is always great they always have been and I just want to let everyone know out there that this store is the best for customer service that I've ever been in so go green light dispensary in Poplar Bluff Missouri employees y'all are the greatest 2021read more
James Greer
James G.
19:28 10 Mar 21
They are friendly and growing as the industry grows. I hope to work with them or someone with customer care like they have soon. They are working on getting more products and I look forward to their growth and the ability to get much needed medicine here at home! Thank you for what you do! God Bless!read more
collin parr
collin P.
22:27 11 Feb 21
The security guard was super cool and so were all the other people. Prices are a little steep but that's to be expected since it's new. Definitely will come back!read more
Karl Buhlinger
Karl B.
15:36 07 Feb 21
Was not in press at all bought sywwalker was not very good and they didn't even have a opening sale this place was a joke will not buy again from themread more
Chad Smith
Chad S.
23:27 06 Feb 21
I was worried going into the dispensary since my medical card wasn’t mailed to me but they were able to work with me since I had a paper with my number and prescription dates. Everyone was great even the security. The bud tenders seemed to know a good amount about their products so that was a plus my only issue is the price but surely that will drop in due more
Dj Video
Dj V.
21:10 06 Feb 21
I love the staff and the way they move . They have really good customer service. Their knowledge on the product is also really amazing. They have a really relaxing feeling to the more
jake wafford
jake W.
13:59 06 Feb 21
Clean fast and friendly! I will definitely return!
Michael Timmons
Michael T.
13:34 06 Feb 21
I had an amazing experience with Greenlight in Poplar Bluff, fair amount of products to start with. Can't wait for more products to come more
22:50 05 Feb 21
Great staff, super friendly and knowledgeable. Wait time was short, and the staff was attentive and made you feel welcomed. Highly more
Casey Efting
Casey E.
19:27 05 Feb 21
What an amazing experience! Everything was very and presented in a way that made it easy to shop. Excellent selection and a very educated staff. Thank you!read more
Megan Rodgers
Megan R.
19:24 29 Jan 21
When is this opening cape is already . I keep looking in here the dates keep changing .than they don't open
Crystal Sanderson
Crystal S.
18:44 26 Jan 21
Can't wait for this dispensary to be open
Chris Steiner
Chris S.
18:09 16 Dec 20
Looking forward to this place coming to Poplar Bluff. Have heard good stuff from their Arkansas location!
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