Missouri Joint Ventures Marijuana Dispensary

Missouri Joint Ventures Dispensary in Nixa

202 West Street - Suite 1
Nixa, Missouri 65714

Hours of Operation:

Mon 10am-6pm
Thurs – Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 10am-2pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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A Nixa Missouri Joint Ventures Cannabis Dispensary located at 202 West Street – Suite 1 in Nixa, Missouri 65714 is now open to help Missouri marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Missouri Joint Ventures Cannabis menu products in Nixa are available for MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Missouri Joint Ventures Cannabis Dispensary - Nixa Menu

What People Are Saying

Sherry Beall
Sherry B.
02:17 28 Dec 21
I went along as a guest as my spouse has cancer. Everyone was very friendly and very helpful. One of the best dispensaries I have visited so far
Michael Gordon
Michael G.
15:14 18 Dec 21
Friendly people made it easy to find the right bud on sale. Good variety and competitive prices even though my first time buying it this way very expensive but it's the government so no surprise there. Convenient location saves me from going to Springfield.
Jack Savard
Jack S.
05:42 13 Dec 21
Safe and comfortable facility, excellent products, professional, knowledgeable and helpful staff. Have always treated me very well and the veteran's discount is very helpful. I visit them often 😉
Christoph Arnold
Christoph A.
18:37 08 Nov 21
Absolutely love this place. The staff here have been nothing short of professional and friendly, and I've not waited more than 15 minutes to "go shop". The selections is strains and other products almost guaranteed you'll never be bored! Never a dull moment, and always a good time, these folks have definitely earned our business for the foreseeable future!
Robert Johnson
Robert J.
17:03 06 Nov 21
I'm impressed! From kind security to helpful budtenders, uninfused samples and a cool lanyard, ( Free is good! ) lol Although I didn't purchase much this time, I know how welcome I will be there next time! Got a " t " on my wish list too! ... had to add, thank you for printing and laminating my card for me too! I've been waiting over a year to have a hard copy of that.
Robert Johnson
Robert J.
20:23 05 Nov 21
I'm impressed! From kind security to helpful budtenders, uninfused samples and a cool lanyard, ( Free is good! ) lol Although I didn't purchase much this time, I know how welcome I will be there next time! Got a " t " on my wish list too!
Dobber Malchi
Dobber M.
17:57 20 Oct 21
Really good seem to be one of the most fair priced places around only 2 places I know are cheaper. Very knowledgeable staff
Mystic Gaming (Mystic247)
Mystic Gaming (.
18:54 14 Oct 21
One of all round best desparies Around Highly Knowledgeable Staff Helping with all my wellness questions and a trusted assortment of products . #Props #Mojo
shawn knepp
shawn K.
23:38 30 Aug 21
Great atmosphere. Great staff up front. Even the guard was kind. Very customer service friendly store. The products I purchased seem to be of great quality.
Douglas Roberts
Douglas R.
19:24 26 Jul 21
This store is the best around!! Quality product with super cool employees!! They know me by name and treat me like a V.I.P.!! 5 stars. Love it!!
JoAnn Streeval
JoAnn S.
16:06 22 Jul 21
Always a good experience every time I take my mom in! I would recommend coming here we visit here about 3 times a month! Kevin and all the staff are very knowledgeable and know their stuff!
Aphy Gil
Aphy G.
18:03 17 Jul 21
Very secure building. Very quick and friendly service. Recommend them because if you dont know what you want they will help you decide by their very professional suggestions.
Jennifer Darling
Jennifer D.
23:01 16 Jul 21
The staff is just fabulous. They will stay with you as long as you need and They give a good list of information. I would recommend this store to anyone.
Nicole Brunson
Nicole B.
04:21 15 Jul 21
Very polite staff! My visit was on a Tuesday. The security guard working was wonderful at ensuring me on my safety concerns on being in the establishment. The pharmacist will take time to discuss with you anything you have questions about and what would make a good match for your needs. Over all the business was clean, full of friendly staff, and in my budget.
Lisa Tatum
Lisa T.
19:30 08 Jun 21
I love this place! They have a great vibe, people are friendly, very helpful & you are in & out. I recommend them to everyone.
Janet Davis
Janet D.
12:15 11 May 21
This dispensary is owned by a pharmacist and I appreciate that I can have an intelligent conversation about arthritis pain management and what works best for that. The pain was so bad I was waking up all night. Now I’m able to sleep all night and my daytime pain is significantly reduced because my body has a chance to rest and heal.I will not take opiate pain relievers. Trammadol side effects included insomnia and I was taking too much Ibuprofen to be good for me. Since I began using medical marijuana for my arthritis I don’t use very much Aspercreme either and I was using it twice a day minimum.Missouri Joint Ventures is very professional about how they run their dispensary and handle patients. I prefer this dispensary.
Landon Hoffman
Landon H.
01:12 28 Apr 21
This was my first time going to a medical dispensary ever. I didn’t have a lot to base my experience off of but I will say the man who helped me (younger looking guy with shorter hair shaved on sides) was fantastic, unfortunately I didn’t catch his name. I hit the drive through with no line to wait in after placing a order online. Since it was my first time there he had to put me into the system, so it took just a tad longer. He explained the loyalty program to me also. For my first time, he made it easy and enjoyable. I will DEFINITELY be back. I was very impressed.EDIT: His name is Caleb! Definitely find that man if you have any questions.
Melissa S. Morris
Melissa S. M.
00:34 27 Apr 21
Best prices around. With my new marijuana license I was able to get some infused gummies with both CBD and THC to tone down my arthritis and fibromyalgia pain on 420 with the sale. Great people and pleasant atmosphere.
jamie jones
jamie J.
17:43 21 Apr 21
Everyone is so helpful. Kevin gave me a lot of information and help me to see what might work for me. I look forward to continue getting my cannabis from them.
Aaron Mulkey
Aaron M.
19:17 10 Apr 21
Route 66 dispensary and this one in Nixa are taking advantage of Missourians ! Way over priced for sub par flower. Do what me and many others do and get a temporary license for Oklahoma or even Arkansas. Dankery dispensary in Tulsa is where I go . Flower is far superior and wayyyyy cheaper! You will be amazed at the difference. This place is a ripoff. I just hate seeing ppl getting ripped off! I didn’t even buy any here. Trust me ! If ur buying flower stay clear. These growers suck .
Belinda Staley
Belinda S.
21:52 31 Mar 21
Staff is very knowledgeable about the product and helpful as to what helps best with the pain and they are very thorough with you and assist you in finding what is best for you individually.
Jennifer Washburn
Jennifer W.
19:49 04 Mar 21
Nice dispensary. Great employees. Not an extensive menu yet but that's to be expected since everything is just getting started in Missouri. Can't wait for cartridges!
Henry Simmons
Henry S.
21:47 21 Feb 21
Has anyone out there never been to a medical dispensary before? They help you find what will benefit your well being. Pick up available. Check it out!
Diana Merritt
Diana M.
23:08 19 Feb 21
It was the first time I'd gotten to go to a dispensary, the young man that assisted me was great and you could tell that he enjoyed what he did. I had a wonderful experience!😄
Evinivek Seye
Evinivek S.
20:16 19 Feb 21
Very helpful and informative..I would give them a 5*.but the supplies is not there at the moment which is not there fault.other than that very nice place 👽
12:58 16 Feb 21
This is what we waited all this time for? This place leaves alot to be desired. I hope it gets better...The supply issue stinks but Its harder to get in here than Fort Knox! You have to look into a camera before they let you in a locked door, then go through a metal detector, then get padded down. I love feeling like I did something wrong.In the meantime they are praying on people with a medical need to charge outrageous prices because we have no where else to go. They are using the guise of helping people with medical needs but only care about the dollar.
Chris Lash
Chris L.
17:20 05 Feb 21
Nice people .you wait a long time for medical license .to go to medical dispensary to find no product other than gummies and very expensive pre rolls 😹.
Monty Robertson
Monty R.
14:41 30 Jan 21
Very nice place and easy process.Be glad when they start selling flower.Joints were very good but very harsh.But hey I got my meds. Lol
Callie Dunaway
Callie D.
19:14 18 Jan 21
Hands down best dispensary experience. Professional, organized, structured, and incredibly knowledgeable! Would recommend to anyone.
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