Nature Med Dispensaries

Nature Med Dispensary in St Louis

234 Kingston Dr
St Louis, MO 63125

Hours of Operation:

11am – 8pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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Nature Med Dispensary in St Louis located at 234 Kingston Dr is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Nature Med menu products are available for MMJ Patients near St Louis diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

What People Are Saying

rodney beckemeyer
rodney B.
00:25 13 Nov 21
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection. Clean, modern and safe. Veteran discount every day!I will recommend to my more
02:29 10 Nov 21
Love this place! Great staff, great selection, and great deals. This quickly became the dispensary that I frequent the most as they usually will have the item(s) I'm looking for at any given time. Additionally, they've repeatedly been the fastest at filling pickup orders as well as for walk-in visits. I attribute the latter to the budtenders well-tuned and perfectly balanced approach to sales. They are super nice and will gladly guide you to whatever you might be looking for/make suggestions when appropriate, but without that uncomfortable pressure to buy some alternate and/or additional item, which is common at some dispensaries. I greatly appreciate that this place has realized how much of a turn off that can be for customers, especially those with social anxiety/limited incomes/etc. That alone will keep me coming back!read more
Kerry Easter
Kerry E.
20:55 20 Oct 21
When I first walked in to nature med dispensary I walked out and looked at the door to make sure I was in the right place because I had expected something that looked like a head shop and when I walked in when I seen was a doctors office.To say I was impressed as an understatement.Is someone that has been self-medicating since the last century I had no idea how to utilize the products that were in this dispensary.Christen was my Bud-tender and he was very knowledgeable on the products listen to what I needed and found the exact strain and method of delivery event completely annihilated my pain and sleeping issues.The best part ,in my opinion, was the amount of knowledge that the budtenders had, they were polite, knowledgeable, and quite respectful .I would highly (pun intended 😂) recommend this more
Sarah Neuman
Sarah N.
22:05 04 Oct 21
Every time I have been staff is so helpful and nice. It is rarely busy/crowded and you get back very quickly. Very knowledgeable staff and good weekly deals. 👍read more
Kit Watson
Kit W.
16:47 28 Sep 21
First time in here was because I liked the menu and I was near the location. Now I drive down from Maryland Heights because the staff is even better than the selection. The front desk person helped me extra first time I was there and the people in the back were great too. Much more
Marla Fyfe
Marla F.
01:01 20 Sep 21
They made me feel welcome from the time I stepped in the door. My bud tender was knowledgeable, and everyone was very friendly. I will definitely be back!read more
Jon Hartwein
Jon H.
14:58 17 Sep 21
Great experience here. I was made to feel welcome from the moment I walked through the door. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. An amazing variety of products can be found here, and the budtenders made sure I got just what I was looking for. I will definitely be more
Matt Ottomeyer
Matt O.
05:09 11 Sep 21
Quick and easy first time process. Staff was nice enough to print out a laminated card for me as well, and left with what I wanted. Overall great experience and I’ll definitely be coming back!read more
Chelsea Williams
Chelsea W.
00:36 10 Sep 21
I’ve been here a couple times and I love it! The guys there a nice and helpful. Ordering online makes things easier and never a long wait. I think I’ve found my “home” 😂 not literally but you get it 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’ll be back soon 😊read more
Marc Barrett
Marc B.
23:12 29 Aug 21
Best prices in STL and some of the best deals as well! Friendly staff, good selection of proper/flora/illicit. I will be back for sure!read more
Megan Emig
Megan E.
20:21 28 Aug 21
Gregg was awesome and very knowledgeable! Great dispensary with lots of options. My only suggestion is more chocolate edibles 🙂read more
Dboy Z
Dboy Z
23:59 11 Aug 21
Jeremy is awesome ! One of the best bud tenders in Missouri . In fact way better than the ones in Colorado and Cali. He was very informative and highly( pun most definitely intended) knowledgeable with the meds they have on display . I would of given this place 10 stars but was only allowed to give 5. In fact I love this place so much I’m literally about to walk in there as we speak. Thanks NATURES MED. they are definitely for their patients unlike many other dispos in Missouri .read more
Brandon Singleton
Brandon S.
15:46 06 Aug 21
Very Clean, organized, and well stocked dispensary. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Prices are cheaper than most of thier competition. Plus this place is full of the nicest people. This is exactly the kind of place we should be more
Keith Platt
Keith P.
02:06 06 Aug 21
Place was awesome people were very helpful and kind. Flower was good. All around great place. Definitely going back.
Terri Grote
Terri G.
19:52 02 Jul 21
My first trip to a Missouri dispensary and I am so glad this is where I went. Budtenders were happy to answer my questions - and I had a few. Love that they have daily specials. Process was quick and selections were plentiful. Highly highly recommend!read more
Nancy Sevier
Nancy S.
19:17 01 Jul 21
First visit. Fast, friendly and knowledgeable staff and budtender Thomas made this easy. Thanks, I will be back and extra discount for Veterans is greatly appreciated!read more
Stephen Zysk
Stephen Z.
17:47 20 Jun 21
This is a really nice dispensary. My first visit there was phenomenal. Excellent customer service. Fantastic product selection. As a first time shopper, I asked a lot of questions and the 2 budtenders that I talked to were quick to answer every question. Will 100% be shopping here more
Juanita Storey
Juanita S.
11:46 18 Jun 21
Love this place! It’s so close to home and very VERY nice inside. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.the deals are pretty sweet too!read more
Queen Seven-Bey
Queen S.
22:25 07 Jun 21
Wow! I'm so pleased with this place. The bud-tenders are knowledgeable and the staff is great overall. They have daily deals, which is more
David Gottschalk
David G.
14:26 06 Jun 21
Excellent Dispensary. The staff are friendly, the bud tenders are knowledgeable and the managers are always willing to step in to answer questions and provide suggestions for your medicinal needs. They always go above and beyond to make your visit a pleasant one.They have a great selection and I have yet to be disappointed in any of their products and their daily specials have me coming in multiple times a more
Ron Harris
Ron H.
21:48 04 Jun 21
My first time at this Dispensary, and it was a great experience. Nature Med is my favorite dispensary in St. Louis, Missouri thus far. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable about all products. My budtender Greg was very personable and gave me information on items to try in the future, along with the manager on duty.I love the great deals/savings they have on a daily basis. I will for sure be a repeat more
Xamine Beats
Xamine B.
15:27 02 Jun 21
First time customer.. the intake process was quick and efficient.. my budtender was friendly and knowledgeable.. you can mix n match which is awesome. Will be back soonread more
LaPetra Robinson
LaPetra R.
16:50 31 May 21
I can't begin to say how much I love this dispensary. I was lucky enough to be the first customer and I since day 1 the staff has always been knowledgeable and super friendly. Sweet Stone cookies are definitely a more
Kelcie Chapman
Kelcie C.
21:55 25 May 21
I ♥️ this dispensary! It’s super close to my house and very reasonably priced. Great quality flower and awesome customer service 🥰💨read more
Jennifer Catalano-Schaefer
Jennifer C.
19:39 25 May 21
Staff was very helpful and friendly.I was in and out very quickly, and very satisfied with my purchases.Thank you all for your service!!read more
kingston 53
kingston 5.
04:57 25 May 21
Great place to shop! awesome deals top notch flower excellent customer service & very friendly staff bud tenders made me feel right at home I would recommend to all!read more
Nancy Hixson
Nancy H.
20:41 22 May 21
Great place, efficient and friendly service. They were very helpful in helping me find what I needed and even walked me to my more
B NextUp
B N.
19:49 21 May 21
Gregg was so helpful and great. This is one of best dispensary in st.louis.
kingston 53
kingston 5.
23:03 20 May 21
Great place to shop top notch flower excellent customer service very friendly made me feel right at home I would recommend to allread more
Brittany Tobnick
Brittany T.
20:24 19 May 21
Had a very good experience at this location! Friendly staff and great deals.
Olivia Wertz
Olivia W.
19:01 19 May 21
Greg was super awesome! He was helpful and informative on my first visit. I’ll definitely be coming back.
Nick Schumann
Nick S.
00:25 19 May 21
Great prices great quality. Will be returning!!
Christian Wirick
Christian W.
23:22 18 May 21
I had a great time at Nature Med. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about Cannabis + CBD. The dispensary has the best prices in St. more
Katie Kopas
Katie K.
23:31 17 May 21
Awesome deals and loyalty program 🙌 my new go to
03:14 17 May 21
Best deals around the county area, Really great strains to pick and very strong potent nose to the flower
Amit Patel
Amit P.
23:17 16 May 21
Awesome place! Staff is very knowledgeable but more importantly this is the place with deals better then any other dispensary in the State. Staff was very attentive in knowing if there were anyways they can better meet patient needs based on our responses which goes a long way IMO in building loyalty!read more
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