N’Bliss Cannabis

N’Bliss Cannabis Dispensary In Ellisville

15396 Manchester Road
Ellisville, MO 63021

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sun 8:00am – 10:00pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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N’Bliss Cannabis Dispensary in Ellisville located at 15396 Manchester Rd is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

N’Bliss menu products are available for Missouri MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

N’Bliss Dispensary Manchester

What People Are Saying

Adamant JT
Adamant J.
16:23 30 Oct 21
Friendly staff. They help me fund exactly what I needed everything I come in and the product is alwaysin good quality. These guys have the best rewards program for the time being of any of the local stores with great deals.read more
22:14 25 Oct 21
Stop enforcing Sam Page's illegal mask mandate. Last time I checked we lived in America. Plenty of other dispensaries to go to that allow freedom of choice and don't enforce illegal mandates!read more
Frank Povis
Frank P.
17:23 11 Oct 21
Wear a mask or don’t go in apparently… others can have my business instead.Edit- Went to Kind Goods down the road.
Rick Bondurant
Rick B.
15:53 24 Jun 21
Best dispensary I have ever been to in the US. The ambiance is chill and everyone is willing to work with you as well as give information about anything they sell. Great vendor this is the only one I go to.read more
Jeanette Otto
Jeanette O.
10:54 29 May 21
The staff is very helpful and there is always a great sele room. The reward program is pretty good as well
Ryan Crowder
Ryan C.
18:30 15 May 21
Fantastic from start to finish. Very confused about the negative, and mediocre reviews. Top notch everything, and I couldn't have had a better experience. This spot will be my go to.read more
Dave P.
Dave P.
17:19 12 May 21
I've been to the Ellisville and Manchester locations and both have been extremely helpful. From what I've seen the Manchester location has a slightly larger variety to choose from. Can't wait to see what the House Springs location is like once it's done being built.read more
Ronald Portis
Ronald P.
16:05 26 Mar 21
They are here to provide a service. Thank you for being here. Very Friendly staff at the 2 locations I go to.Keeping the basic medical supplies in house is the only negative I have about n bliss, but I know you can only sale what you have.And the manchester location has great employees!read more
Andrea Ghiassi
Andrea G.
18:57 21 Mar 21
Usually I have a pretty good experience but I tried the Flora Farms at ballwin today and it was terrible it was flat as a board I paid $60 for what looked like to be about a gram and a half of smoke and they would not take it back so buyer beware. No refunds even it its flat as a board and skeet! Did not like how the lead treated me either. Will be calling manager Tomorrow. Would not recommend them.read more
joe clifton
joe C.
03:42 19 Mar 21
I have always had a great experience at NBliss . This visit Sarah the girl with the pink hair was awesome. She took the time to demonstrate a vaporizer I am interested in and was very helpful. I picked up another quality product from Flora Farms and C4. Looking forward to another visit.read more
Andrew Frank
Andrew F.
20:34 16 Mar 21
Excellent energy right when you walk in the door. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, who aren't super pushy "salesmen". They're there to help you feel better, and their attitudes definitely show it. Slightly pricey, but well worth it because.. It's For Your Health!read more
Tim Boeckelmann
Tim B.
00:34 12 Mar 21
Very good experience. The staff were very sweet and welcoming upon entry. The specialists in back were very helpful as well.read more
Maranda Eskew
Maranda E.
23:59 26 Feb 21
Not a long wait. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Definitely shopping here again.
Robert Rantz
Robert R.
19:08 21 Feb 21
Very friendly people. Knowledgeable of the product's and very good about social distancing. I love visiting every time.
Jason Franco
Jason F.
20:41 10 Feb 21
Love these folks! Fast, friendly, calm. I'm a bore of a patient because I know plants but they're always helpful and kind. The set up is cool too - there's even a little space for consultations if you want to talk in private! Can't wait for the southern ones to open up.And if you feel out of place in the slightest just self evaluate whether it's: physical pain or mental anguish or a little of both you're trying to alleviate. That'll help point you in the right direction for whatever strains are available. I am NOT a medical professional.P.S.A.: Prices are what they are, no matter where you go. The employees, including managment have no control over this. Please stop assuming they have any say, the individuals or the company. Research the history of supply and demand, state and local mandates, and price evaluations in states that legalized previous to Missouri. It's all the same. Have patience patients.read more
Roken Vos
Roken V.
16:03 04 Feb 21
While I am happy to review a legal dispensary in Missouri, I am concerned with the treatment of patients obtaining medicine. I ordered on-line, and received a "Order Ready for Pick-up" text shortly after. I went to the Ellisville location to obtain my "ready for pick-up" order and was forced to stand outside in 30 degree weather for over an hour. This is unacceptable. Be prepared to be treated with little compassion, like a criminal and their reasoning, is "COVID". N'BLISS MUST remember, the people who are being held hostage, in the cold, are people with CANCERread more
Roger Brodsky
Roger B.
18:28 31 Jan 21
Great selection - the workers were very friendly and informative - overall I had a great experience!
Rock Kessler
Rock K.
18:54 22 Jan 21
Everyone is very friendly at Manchester N Bliss! More and more different products are being offered! Prices are high. I enjoy going to NBliss Manchester. Very knowledgeable staff. Excellent experienceread more
14:19 01 Jan 21
The staff is fantastic and but the flower is completely dry...one hit and it’s done. You don’t even need a grinder. This seems to be the norm here.. I guess better than nothing but for $60 an eighth the standard is pretty low.read more
Divine Ree
Divine R.
17:43 17 Dec 20
Great staff and products update often, so I can't wait to see what the concentrates, carts, and thc edibles will be like, as far as the flower goes 🔥read more
Joe Flaugher
Joe F.
20:58 11 Dec 20
Very friendly and helpful staff; however, I give three stars because of the products I purchased. The flower seemed very dry comparable to that I had gotten at other dispensaries, and the grinder I purchased had clearly been used, yet was sold to me anyway. Not sure if I'll be back with more and more dispensaries opening in the area.read more
Jeff Leiser
Jeff L.
19:03 05 Dec 20
Last month I purchased an ounce at your price of $350.00. After some discounts, I paid around $355.00. Today I went to pick up the same deal and I was told that the price is $395.00. No discount for a VA, elderly, or low income. I can't afford these kind of prices much less choose between food and heat. Since I have the receipt from the last purchase I thought I email a copy with a statement of what happen to me to the Division of family and senior services. I like know how can I get the meds for my MS pain on a fix income of 1000.00 a month. I certainly can get all the narcotics for $1.50 a month.read more
E - Phoric
E - P.
19:58 28 Nov 20
The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The facility is also quite nice. However, the quality of the flower is very poor. My product came in an unsealed plastic jar and was extremely dry. I’m pretty disappointed as all other dispensaries I’ve been to are using glass jars with seals on them.read more
Kevin Cook
Kevin C.
23:08 25 Nov 20
Very professional and nice people, but unfortunately the flower that I bought today was very dry and I noticed the expiration date said November 1st. Hopefully it was a one time thing, best of luck.read more
Mike Sansone
Mike S.
02:45 07 Nov 20
Is place has been so helpful and incredible nice.I have MS and this “tool” to relief pain and help me sleep. I have used medicine for here to help me get through days. I’m just thankful that it’s open and close..Thank youMichaelread more
Angela Gastreich
Angela G.
21:40 17 Oct 20
Awesome service, extremely professional and great product! Thank you for helping make legalized cannabis available!
Nate Davidson
Nate D.
18:00 14 Aug 20
Same great store as the other N’Bliss locations. This one is awesome because it’s so close to home! The people may just be the best part!read more
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