OzaRX Botanicals

OzaRX Botanicals Dispensary In Springfield

3800 West Sunshine - Suite 100
Springfield, MO 65807

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 12 – 7
Sun 12 – 6

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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OzaRX Botanicals in Springfield located at 3800 West Sunshine is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

OzaRX Botanicals menu products are available for MMJ Patients near Springfield diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

OzaRX Botainicals - Springfield Menu

Any interactions with the live menu below, such as, but not limited to, product searches or order placing, take place directly with the menu provider. MODispensaries.com has no access to any personal data or transactional information when you are interacting with the menu.

What People Are Saying

Debi Cameron
Debi C.
21:45 22 Oct 21
These kids are great! Always treats you like they've known you forever.
Eric Lee
Eric L.
08:29 12 Oct 21
These guys and woman that work here are the best, very helpful and prices keep getting better slowly.
Mary Cunningham
Mary C.
18:35 10 Oct 21
Good product - friendly - prices good - best place for medical herb
Patty Burrow
Patty B.
19:13 19 Aug 21
Always friendly and informative! The ENTIRE staff is AWESOME!
Bk Patrick
Bk P.
22:23 09 Aug 21
I had a great experience on my first time there. Everyone was nice and they had a great selection.
Mary B
Mary B
18:46 17 Jul 21
Excellent Dispensary! New store, great displays, and wonderful employees. They respectfully answered all of my questions. This will definitely be my home store!read more
Tiffany Baugus
Tiffany B.
18:59 06 Jul 21
Ozarx Botanicals is where it's at, the staff is very knowledgeable and guide me in the direction I wanted. She didn't just recommend her favorites. Everytime I walk in im treated with the up most respect. Thanks to ozarx for a great experience!read more
Lezlee Lambeth
Lezlee L.
03:00 03 Jul 21
Was my first time in a dispensary today. And what a welcoming amazing staff you have! From the gentleman whom checked me in with a superstar attitude to the advocate who helped me get just what I needed. And the sweet young lady that checked me out! I don’t think I will be needing to try any other dispensary! Rock star service! And some great deals! 😊read more
Cody Mooney
Cody M.
11:51 10 Jun 21
Out of all the dispensaries in Springfield, Ozarx Botanicals does it the best. If you are a new medical card owner you're first pick for a dispensary should be this one. The staff is amazing and will answer any question you have about their product. It makes you 10× more comfortable when you know a highly knowledgeable staff member will be taking care of you.read more
Robyn Solley
Robyn S.
18:50 06 Jun 21
Great staff that are friendly and knowledgeable. They know their stuff and are willing to explain things without talking down.read more
James Banner
James B.
18:32 29 May 21
Pretty good service, fast, reliable, dependable. I have to drive a while to get there. But very professional. I highly recommend Ozark Botanicals.read more
Richard C.
Richard C.
23:03 16 May 21
Not a bad place at all. I like Oklahoma much better though. Missouri is losing a lot of money because of they way the limited it.read more
Corey Wasil
Corey W.
05:34 16 May 21
The staff is absolutely wonderful.. Always has great products and never out of stock and prices cant be beat
Jeremy Cochrane
Jeremy C.
00:25 12 May 21
If you are in the Springfield area, please go here!!!Great, beautiful, high THC content! 30%Highly recommend!!!!Also, avoid anybody who sells Flora or flora farms themselves, and I’ve see others do the same, they hand pick out all the good buds and sell you pathetic popcorn buds/shake. It’s already so expensive in Missouri and we waited so long, but I digress.read more
Paul Pinion
Paul P.
17:34 26 Apr 21
Was in the store 3 times to by cobalt fire it was on the 420 sale 3 times I was told they had it but couldn’t sell it. I was very disappointed as this was on sale now when they do sell it it won’t be on sale. I feel like this was false advertisement. I was a loyal customer but with dispensaries opening up all over Springfield and Missouri I don’t know if I want to continue doing business with this company, it’s not like they sold all of it they had it. Signed unhappyOk this is a new day the owners or management reached out to me and sincerely apologized for the mix up, which a lot of companies don’t . They had the product i wanted ready to go they honored the sale. I was impressed with their concern and wanted me to be a happy customer. For these reason I will continue doing business here and recommend them to everyone and would like to raise my one star to five again thanks to the owners and staff. Signed happy again.😉read more
Paul Pinion
Paul P.
04:51 26 Apr 21
Was in the store 3 times to by cobalt fire it was on the 420 sale 3 times I was told they had it but couldn’t sell it. I was very disappointed as this was on sale now when they do sell it it won’t be on sale. I feel like this was false advertisement. I was a loyal customer but with dispensaries opening up all over Springfield and Missouri I don’t know if I want to continue doing business with this company, it’s not like they sold all of it they had it. Signed unhappyread more
Sabrina Ottermann
Sabrina O.
00:11 23 Apr 21
Everyone is so helpful and fun. Definitely 1 of my favorite places to visit.
don mcguire
don M.
01:07 17 Apr 21
Love the staff and dispensary, I just wish it had cartridge's and Shatter otherwise 5 stars.
Adam Lopardo
Adam L.
00:03 10 Apr 21
Super professional. Great atmosphere. Top notch dispensary experience. Will be back!
Amanda Dewitt
Amanda D.
21:07 19 Mar 21
This place is cool but it can't seem to stay in stock with product and it's very expensive
Debi Thieman
Debi T.
14:43 16 Mar 21
I went to OzaRX Botanicals yesterday to purchase their gummies. As I'd NEVER been there before and Googled the address, I WAS lost. The worst thing about this place is not knowing WHERE it is. It's ACTUALLY beside the Verizon store on West Sunshine. The staff there was REALLY great and the gummies I got there were TOTALLY worth the price I paid for them. ❤read more
Pole Dog
Pole D.
20:08 27 Feb 21
$65 eighth of gorilla pie crumbles to powder. Terrible quality. Can’t believe I paid for this.Cassville has been the only place in “the area” that hasn’t let me down.read more
Topher B
Topher B
00:54 27 Feb 21
First visit loved it!! Staff very righteous and informative! Great line of natural remedy infused products and strains! Will definitely be back to purchase and visit with staff thanks for all the help!read more
Douglas Ward
Douglas W.
00:27 25 Feb 21
I was very pleased with my experience here. The staff I had the privilege of interacting with seemed very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend.read more
Kevin Doty
Kevin D.
19:23 19 Feb 21
My favorite local medicine stop. The best people in town.
Mandy H
Mandy H
20:12 17 Feb 21
Very easy process. In and out. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Tina W
Tina W
02:43 10 Feb 21
Great experience!! Very knowledgeable & helpful staff. ❤️🙏🏻
Ashley Willey
Ashley W.
02:05 10 Feb 21
Absolutely amazing staff!! Very welcoming and very knowledgeable staff!I recommend everyone to check it out!! THANK YOU FOR THE PLEASANT VISIT...read more
Ron Taylor
Ron T.
23:26 02 Feb 21
Friendly workers and nice place.
Danny Luttjohann
Danny L.
21:20 01 Feb 21
Very friendly very informative really nice door Cool when they get flower expecting it soon they said
Christy Smith
Christy S.
13:14 01 Feb 21
Visited OzaRX Botanicals for the first time today. Met the owner, Kim and my good friend Dedee Culley from 2 Leaf Nurses was there consulting with patients. She is a very knowledgeable Cannabis RN.Ozarx Botanicals has a professional and knowledgeable staff and a beautiful showroom and lots of great products! Their display tables, and checkout area, go up and down too meet the needs of the patients who are visiting. Nice classy touch! My salesperson, Amy was fantastic! She walked me around and answered all my questions (was my first time in a dispensary). It was also very Covid safe. You check in from the comfort of your car, via a QR code on their website, that sends them a text message, when it’s your turn you get a text! Easy peasy and keeps store traffic to a minimum, but no long waits yet either. I got right in!If you have your prescription card go check them out!!read more
21:00 31 Jan 21
If you have certain disabilities, don't bother going because they will waste your time.I get my meds much cheaper through a licensed caregiver. I went in to buy an overpriced gram to support a local business and they discriminate.If they don't want to support me, I won't be supporting them.I will give you one last chance, sooner or later. If you still want to treat me like a damned leper, you'll never see me or my money again.read more
Rondo Brœncho
Rondo B.
06:12 24 Jan 21
OzaRX Botanicals is not what I expected. It was clean and comfortable, enough room for a wheelchair. Everyone is happy and can answer my toughest questions.read more
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