Proper Cannabis Dispensaries

Proper Cannabis Dispensary in Warrenton

711 N State Highway 47
Warrenton, MO 63383

Hours of Operation:

10am – 7pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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Proper Cannabis Dispensary in Warrenton located at 711 N State Highway 47 is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Proper Cannabis menu products are available for MMJ Patients near Warrenton diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Proper Cannabis Warrenton - Dispensary Menu

Any interactions with the live menu below, such as, but not limited to, product searches or order placing, take place directly with the menu provider. has no access to any personal data or transactional information when you are interacting with the menu.

What People Are Saying

Christopher Rea
Christopher R.
08:09 27 Nov 21
My oh my.... They just made alot of people in this house happy with amazing black friday-cyber Monday sales. Nice break on my wallet. Great Job P.C. hope to see more like more
melissa hendrickson
melissa H.
20:36 12 Nov 21
The staff is great! Very friendly and informative. Not to mention the quality of there products is outstanding. So if your looking for a place to fill your prescriptions I highly reccomend using Proper Cannabis. Just tell them Melissa sent you !!read more
nate beauchamp
nate B.
14:50 05 Nov 21
The staff were extremely helpful and seemed very knowledgeable about the products in the dispensary. My bud tender Sara helped me in picking an excellent product. I'm extremely grateful and will definitely be backread more
Elliott Gilman
Elliott G.
19:04 15 Oct 21
For all your needs. These folks were totally amazing and knowledgeable. Very clean and nice open concept.Displays are up front and clear open view of much product. My questions were answered along with explanation.Other products such as hats, shirts, and long sleeve tees available as well.I did not feel pressured over one product vs. Another they left the choice open for me to pick and choose.Prices are not bad very comfortable and average.So if you have any needs to be filled than please by all means, go check them out. Everyone there are totally outstanding. Bravo to them on a job well more
nate beauchamp
nate B.
02:08 18 Aug 21
The staff we're extremely helpful and seemed very knowledgeable about the products in the dispensary. My bud tender Sara helped me in picking an excellent product. I'm extremely grateful and will definitely be backread more
10:47 26 Jul 21
Nice little dispensary with great service. Their inventory could be better when it comes to concentrates, however that's not their fault. Their just waiting. Would definitely like to see some vaporizor cartridges at a lower price point and in whole grams eventually. Only downside that I think they could improve on is accessories. It's more
Rc Pummill
Rc P.
21:00 14 Jul 21
Great environment, friendly staff, (Shout out to Ryan, thanks for the help!) and variety of strains. Even the lowest potency product I tried was very high quality, cured buds. The reason I gave only 4 stars is for the price, even though they are cheaper than most other cultivator per Oz in my hometown they are on par quality-wise with the most expensive ones. I just wish all of the prices were more reasonable for patients. I would recommend to anyone and would definitely come again!read more
D.J. LaRue
D.J. L.
02:19 03 Jul 21
Very professional. Great product line. Staff was very nice.Overall, it's a great place. My main criticism would be that it's a bit "stuffy" or maybe a little too "posh". It maybe puts off more of an exclusive, members only feel rather than "All are welcome".read more
Whitney Nemecek
Whitney N.
02:02 27 Jun 21
Each time I visit Proper Cannabis I have an awesome experience. The budtenders are friendly, chatty, and give great informative recommendations. Shout-out to Sara H for being amazing at her job. The product is the best quality I've ever had. I am always satisfied!read more
Dan Miskov
Dan M.
22:04 07 Jun 21
This is a great establishment! Friendly people and fast service is a good recipe for a 5-star review! Keep up the good work ladies and gents at Proper Cannabis! And thanks for your dedication to a much needed resource for us medical patients! Highly recommend!read more
18:44 06 Jun 21
I've been to PC five or six times now with each time being a very easy and pleasant experience. All of the staff, from those operating the front desk to the bud tenders, have been very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They typically have a pretty decent selection of flower and edibles. With that said, my one "complaint" is the cost of flower. This isn't a completely fair complaint considering the entire state has inflated cannabis costs, and PC has fairly regular specials with decent rewards, but I'll be very happy when I don't have to spend $60 for 1/ more
Brandon Johnson
Brandon J.
13:07 27 May 21
I’ve been to almost every dispensary and by far they have the best medicine around with good prices I have a recommend this place they seem like they know what there doing. Keep up the great work! And the customer experience was great to!! nice storeread more
Joseph Randazzo
Joseph R.
18:12 25 May 21
I've been to almost every dispensary in the immediate area and even have one a couple blocks from my house but from now on I will take the 25 minute drive to proper because everything about this place is amazing. The staff was awesome, all 3 products I got were amazing quality and pricing was more fair then any other shop. I will 1000000% be back. Thanks for the great experience!read more
Dustin Heller
Dustin H.
22:47 23 May 21
Let’s just say the name “Proper Cannabis” is what it says it is. The buds are nice and dense great aroma and look! When it comes to customer satisfaction, Proper Cannabis will have you entering and leaving grinning ear from ear! Let this five star review help fellow Medical patients find comfort in knowing this place will suite your needs and then some!read more
the great outdoors
the great O.
05:28 16 May 21
Can't say enough positives!!I was first excited to finally get concentrates in Missouri!!Secondly the people are beyond awesome!! I enjoy every visit. Great personalities, along with knowledge on the products and the appreciation for feedback. Also, the understanding of the true medical effects and what strain helps best with what symptoms.Now the quality of product, really enjoyed some of the flower, definitely love the concentrates (Bordello🖤) though I'm getting REALLY anxious about the Diamonds 😏I can't forget the Honeybee Edibles. The gummies are literally like eating fruit rollups but better!! Not only do you not taste the THC, but they actually use REAL fruit. Definitely unlike any others I have tried. The chocolates are just as scrumptious.All around extremely pleased with the whole Proper experienceread more
Micheal was such a great help!! So informative and respectful. I cannot wait to keep shopping here.New or not they will treat you more
N Rodriguez
N R.
23:43 11 May 21
I went on grand opening day and it was a very positive experience! Their concentrates are potent and very flavorful! Flower is great looking and also taste good! Edibles are delicious and will come back definitely!read more
Paige Perrin
Paige P.
22:20 07 May 21
I went for the very first time and wow did I love it. The staff were super friendly and helpful. It's a great environment to be in and around. I got flower and it is some of my favorite by more
Brad Burden
Brad B.
22:23 06 May 21
Great place! The chocolates and the gummies are very good. The flower is great! The staff is perfect. I have found a new place to shop and love it!read more
Chris Buyan
Chris B.
22:27 01 May 21
Best dispensary in Missouri. I have been to multiple. They have their own supplier and I have not seen any of their products at other more
Bonnie Born
Bonnie B.
01:19 29 Apr 21
I have only been to this dispensary once. I went on 4/20 and they had the best discount around 30% off everything. I wish I would have bought more than I did. This is by far this best flower around and they have a good supply of different types. This is my new go to place I used to go Greenlight Dispensary in Ferguson they had the best prices and a lot of different types of flower and a lot of different types of edibles. But now I will go to Proper Cannabis. They have the best bud around and two price levels and the flower is very good quality. Even the cheaper flower is still very good quality. I hope they open up more Proper Dispensaries and some more in St. Charles County I am really happy with this dispensary. I will definitely go back here again and more
Shawn Van Hook
Shawn Van H.
13:48 26 Apr 21
It was my first visit at the store and to sum it up in one word “perfection” every person working was extremely kind, professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The biggest buds I’ve seen in the area and the products are great!! I highly recommend this store to everyoneread more
Arly Brokaw
Arly B.
17:14 23 Apr 21
Had a great experience, product is superb and the gentlemen behind the counter did a very good job matching me up with a strain. Will be back 😁read more
Heather Semore
Heather S.
20:15 22 Apr 21
Clean store setup and a good selection! Worth coming back to.
Tony McCallister
Tony M.
02:31 22 Apr 21
This is by far the best Dispensary to open in Mo to date.. Best staff, best flower, best all around vibe ..They offer Veteran and Senior Discounts if the other dispensary fell in line with how Proper Cannabis runs a business they would be much better off...Did you hear that Green relief...Hi Toni I believe you was in front of me in line 🙂read more
Cam Wood
Cam W.
15:56 21 Apr 21
Best flower I've seen in a Missouri dispo so far by a long shot. Cool staff. 🔥🔥🔥new go to spot
Toni Mintner
Toni M.
23:29 19 Apr 21
They were wonderful and pleasant and willing to help with anything and answer all your questions it was an amazing more
Rick Sanchez
Rick S.
21:35 19 Apr 21
The staff was VERY nice and knowledgeable, always made sure I was getting the best deal and overall, treated me with respect. I don't do reviews, but this place is worth more
Steven Pollock
Steven P.
17:18 18 Apr 21
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