Shangri-La Cannabis Dispensary

Shangri-La Cannabis Dispensary in Jefferson City

2118 Missouri Blvd
Jefferson City, MO 65109

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 11am – 7pm
Sun 11am – 4pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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Shangri-La Cannabis Dispensary in Jefferson City located at 2118 Missouri Blvd is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Shangri-La menu products are available for MMJ Patients near Jefferson City diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

What People Are Saying

Ashley Huff
Ashley H.
05:36 25 Nov 21
This used to be my favorite to go to I could order online and pick up no problems ...but not always a big deal when I order and get there and something happened to be on sale and cheaper than I expected....not often but ok cool thanks...but tonight tonight I was very disappointed I not only was over charged and gave the wrong total 2 different times but also tried paying the difference and was charged another 17 dollars for only owing 5????? And never received change..was told its not their fault the websites not always correct on the when I have an email telling me the total it should be that totwl...regardless I won't be going backread more
Matthew Brummel
Matthew B.
00:15 24 Nov 21
My wife says the only place she likes just hope the price of medicine comes down a bit would be nice.
Movie Dog
Movie D.
18:18 21 Oct 21
Not very friendly, do not recommend. Went to other establishment on Missouri Blvd, so much happier. Other establishment are so much more
18:03 11 Oct 21
Great customer service. DRIVE-THRU AWESOME
John Dumbach
John D.
17:00 25 Sep 21
Thanks guys! Really friendly and helpful bud tenders.Ive visited most every dispensary from Springfield to Mexico, They're all good,each a little different but ShangriLa Jeff,city is my fave!read more
Mia Mitchell
Mia M.
21:04 31 Aug 21
I had such an amazing first time experience. Upon entering the dispensary, I was greeted by a very friendly, helpful gentleman. Unfortunately I didn't get his name. He checked me in and was explaining things as he was letting me in. After being buzzed in I was greeted by a extremely friendly woman asking if I needed help or had questions. I had a few and she was great at answering them. When it came to actually choosing product to get, I was helped by a very friendly, knowledgeable gentleman. He helped me choose what would be best for my needs. And he was absolutely correct and on point with his recommendations. Unfortunately, again, I didn't get a name but he had very cool Harry Potter glasses. This place has a great vibe. Everyone seems to genuinely care about helping people. It's very clean. Good selections. Great people. I normally don't write reviews but had such a pleasant experience ihad to more
Rayna Moon
Rayna M.
22:40 29 Aug 21
Shangri La in Jefferson City is so great. Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. They have a great selection. Very laidback, peaceful atmosphere. Would definitely recommend to more
David Woodling
David W.
00:58 01 Jul 21
This was my favorite local dispensary, but three bad experiences in a row have revealed the downward trajectory of this location. Understaffed and over priced. Come wait in line for product that is less than stellar. Condescending staff who don't care about customer service like to talk down to you because they sell product grown and packaged by others. Congratulations weed cashier, you are impressive. Please hire more staff and train them on how to treat more
Caitlin Woods
Caitlin W.
05:09 29 Jun 21
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff when I visited! I went on a Sunday afternoon not long before they close, but I was met with smiles and friendliness. Clean, well lit. more
Lauren Potter
Lauren P.
01:38 29 May 21
Ive been two a total of five different dispensaries in Missouri and Shangri-La South is HANDS DOWN the best. The environment and aesthetic are absolutely perfect and the staff is wonderful and super helpful and knowledgeable. 100% my go-to dispensary now. 🙂read more
Shelia George
Shelia G.
18:02 22 May 21
Very nice, friendly, knowledgeable people. Tell them what your needing the products for and they explain what and how it will work the best for your needs. They know what they are talking about as I was almost completely pain free for hours. And I slept a good sleep. Thank you Shangri--Laread more
Timothy Kuster
Timothy K.
19:21 17 May 21
I’ve been driving around months everywhere in MO to find a good dispensary.In my opinion,Shanghai La is it,and 5 minutes from my house.Most dispensaries get out paperwork,tell you what they read.You can’t be real a experienced if you are 21.Even the youngsters there are smart about THC! These ppl are truly experienced,no doubt in my mind.45 yrs of being STONED everyday kinda makes experienced.From what I see from them,they are fighting to be THE BEST! Just bought a half of proper ARC today.. GET DOWN! What u would expect for a 250 $ half.And the bud guy was awesome. They women too! They are all..Most important is they want to be and are trying to be the best and determined to get US the good good! If you are like me,I will drive 100+ miles to get a oz or two of real funk.I trust this dispensary. A++++++.....NO BS....Knowledgeable. Periodread more
14:25 29 Apr 21
Very friendly and knowledgeable. This is my go to store. Love the selection and website is so easy to use.
Jocelyn Stuart
Jocelyn S.
19:13 28 Apr 21
I really like this place! The staff is super friendly and mature. Not like other places I’ve went to where there are a lot of younger staff. The last dispensary I went to ALWAYS made it a big deal to announce that my last name is wrong on my MMJ card (divorce 🤷🏾‍♀️) and the powers that be are a little behind in changing it.. However I came here and showed them my papers and they completely understood even remembered me when I went back the second time.Good guys with GREAT green ! 💚read more
15:29 28 Apr 21
I visited the store for the first time on 4/19/21, to take advantage of buy an ounce get an eight for a dollar deal, however when it was time to pay the employee stated they needed the manager override for me to get the deal but he had stepped out to make or answer a phone call. They either attempted to or did let the manager know they needed an override however he did not come to the register to provide the override and instead I had to wait at least 10 minutes to make my purchase. Another customer also was forced to wait for the manager after the employees pleaded for his assistance. When he finally did come to the register and provide the code the manager didn’t acknowledge the wait or even my existence really, and nothing was offered to make up for my wait even though I wasn’t looking for anything for free but it’s the principal. They’re product is ok but I will not be returning due to this terrible experience. I would like to add that the staff were great just not the manager from what I experienced.Edit: I was later contacted by a staff member and given a free 1 gram preroll to make up for my bad experience. Offering anything at all to make up for it meant a lot to me and so I raised my review score and the product was good. This mostly made up for what happened so I will be returning in the more
I went to the Jefferson city store today.the store is nice ,set up nice on the inside.the giy at the door checking people in was friendly and got me in quick. The guy behind the counters not the friendliest.i guess you had a deal going on today spend 65 and get a 1 dollar pre roll, well I spent 155 and think it would have been nice for the sales person to have informed me so I new I had that option.. I will say I am very happy with what I did get and ill go back for more
Obviously Annoyed
Obviously A.
20:17 18 Apr 21
First time in here. Beautiful store. Really nice & friendly bud tenders. Nice selection.
Jon Dyson
Jon D.
04:33 15 Apr 21
Excellent dispensary with friendly staff, lots of discounts and positive vibes. There was a wide range of products for being open less than a week! Flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, CBD drinks/tinctures. They have a drive thru and online ordering for convenience as well!!read more
Naydeen Sienko
Naydeen S.
20:53 12 Apr 21
Beautiful store. Welcoming and friendly staff. Very helpful and knowledgeable on product. Can’t wait to see what new things they get in!read more
20:13 12 Apr 21
Really happy with the product range though I’m here for the flower (esp. Chronic Plus 2.0). Looking forward to when they get Concentrates in later this month. Knowledgeable more
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