SWADE MO Dispensaries

Swade Cannabis Dispensary in St Peters

146 Jungermann Road
St Peters, MO 63376

Hours of Operation:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-7

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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Swade Cannabis Dispensary in St.Peters located at 146 Jungermann Road is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Swade menu products are available for Missouri MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Swade Dispensary - St Peters

What People Are Saying

13:25 09 Nov 21
great dispensary but over price compared to others places, the carts here are $15 more then other dispensaries
Nick Makaveli
Nick M.
16:38 06 Nov 21
Swade is really stepping it up, I've loved every product I've gotten from them so far. Good pricing, quality product, and they also are growing their selections! They really showed us regulars some love on their 1 year anniversary! Thank you swade! I will be coming back!read more
Deborah Smith
Deborah S.
14:49 30 Oct 21
Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The pricing is competitive. The quality and availability are good. The store is clean and again the staff is great. After having gone there for a while they pretty much know what I need and let me know if there is something that might help me. I don't go anywhere but Swade now. Thank you!read more
Ryan F
Ryan F
17:41 30 Jul 21
Update: While I have enjoyed Swade quite a bit, and they were the first dispensary to open in my area; customer service seems to have changed a bit.I tried calling a few times on 7/29 after their opening time, and no one answered. When I finally did get an answer on 2 occasions; I was treated like I was a trouble, and I wasting their employee's time asking 3 questions. Calls used to be answered I'm a friendly way, and the person answering never made be feel like a burden. This is a troubling change.This was as I found it just 7 months ago:Fantastic service. Extremely helpful, kind, and patient employees. From the person at the front desk checking me in (who was very kind and put me at ease) to the employees inside. One employee helped me with products, and all my questions in a very patient and friendly manner. They didn't try to sell the most expensive product, and recommended what they knew worked for my needs. Will definitely go back 😀read more
Sophia Andaloro
Sophia A.
19:20 18 Jul 21
Come to Swade St. Peter’s! They’ve got so many new awesome products. The staff is so welcoming, their education is unmatched, and they have the best prices in town! You won’t regret it, my new go to!read more
Andrew Klecan
Andrew K.
21:35 09 Jul 21
Worst dispensary in the area. Awful employees who are ill knowledge about their products. Horrible customer service. They won’t honor your veterans discount even if it’s not discounted or let you use reward points. I’ve tried with this company and I don’t recommend it. Kind Goods and High Profile are way friendlier and better than this place. Do not recommend. Only go here if you need exactly what they only have.read more
Misty Burris
Misty B.
13:22 13 Jun 21
My 14 year old son is a medical marijuana patent. Unfortunately not many people have been very understanding about his conditions. The staff at Swade have been amazing! They are very knowledgeable & incredibly helpful. Any time I have questions, they have answers. It feels like we are going to visit friends when we go. I highly recommend Swade!read more
21:01 08 Jun 21
These guys are the best, they have all you need medicinally. The people are always super nice and ready to help, not to mention know what they're doing. One of the best dispensaries in the greater STL area- that means ITS WORTH THE DRIVE.read more
Nick Preuss
Nick P.
17:48 08 Jun 21
Love this place! Its a cool and straight forward place. I am enjoying the high quality products they sell now. Not huge selection of some things, but they are just getting started. The People that work at Swade St. Peters are very nice and insightful. I had a great experience there in my 1st MO dispensary visit. Ill be back!read more
My Cousin Vinny
My Cousin V.
19:10 07 May 21
Okay I just got some gas ⛽️ from here. That is all you need to know basically 😂. I was skeptical at first because I had never been to a dispensary in MO yet but.... not anymore. 22% THC Rainmaker, which isn’t that high, but it is for sure some potent medicine, that’s for sure. I underestimated it haha.The employees were very friendly and helpful. I had some questions about a product and the lady checking me out was quick to explain how it worked! She also told me to come by on my birthday for a discount; so that’s awesome! 20% I think?Overall a great experience for only a 7 minute drive. The prices are not wonderful but it’s about what I have paid in Illinois so I’m not too worried. It’ll go down over time. The industry is still budding in the Midwest. 😏TL;DR⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️read more
14:31 02 May 21
They consistently have very few mediocre options. My husband has chronic undiagnosed pain and we travel to help him take the edge off only for them to rarely have anything and for double the cost. Unreliable . He's had better. When will these places get their stuff together? It has been early two years.read more
John Weber
John W.
17:45 28 Mar 21
No product. Over priced a bit. I would readily pay a bit more to buy legal but 2X is a bit more pain than comfortable. Not ready for prime time....typical monopoly. Biggest problem... no THC carts...constantly out of bud few edibles and little choice when they do have anything. Nice people does not fix lack of product...IMNSHOread more
Nick Homan
Nick H.
18:33 25 Mar 21
Out of product 9/10 times I check, which is almost daily. Or have low quality for insane prices. The place looks great and staff is friendly on the occasion something is in stock, but that’s been rare.read more
Jesse A
Jesse A
17:39 23 Mar 21
DO NOT RECOMMEND. Overcharge and under-stock is their motto. Swade runs out of flower every week and it takes 2 weeks for them to get more. They argue with customers, I will not be renewing my medical card and this dispensary played a big part in that. Go to Illinois where it’s recreational, they don’t sell you auto flower and they actually understand supply and demand..read more
Kevin “Bear” Sanders
Kevin “Bear” S.
17:34 13 Feb 21
A great dispensary! A spectacular grow team, that takes the extra time to do it right! I wasn't ripped off here, unlike the other three dispensaries I visited.read more
Sarah Goldman
Sarah G.
17:21 12 Feb 21
I have never been in a dispensary before and this was the perfect experience. Gavin was so knowledgeable and helpful and recommended a perfect strain for me. He was friendly, talkative (in a great way!), he knew the answers to all of my questions! Thank you for a wonderful experience!! I will be back!!read more
Rogue Shadow
Rogue S.
03:08 04 Feb 21
Great First Time Experience!!!The sweet girl who helped me was amazing! I think her name was Abby?Can't wait to get some Pineapple Upside-down Cake or Gorilla Pie!!!Beautiful Store!read more
Noe' & Sonya Perez
Noe' & Sonya P.
00:33 02 Feb 21
Good dispensery. Nice calming atmosphere and not a long wait time. Quality of flower has always been good. Only downside is the selection and availability but this is an issue at all the dispensaries here in Missouri, so Swade is pretty AWESOME in our book!read more
Marhanka K. (kay)
Marhanka K. (.
18:23 05 Jan 21
I absolutely enjoyed my experience going into this dispensary. Everyone is super nice, the whole layout is super nice too. Can't wait for them to have edibles. If you live in the area I highly recommend this to anyone with a medical card....!!!read more
L. Kaufman
L. K.
18:42 28 Dec 20
Love that everyone here is so friendly! I’m learning everyone’s names as they are with me. Friendly atmosphere with good product. Can’t wait for more strains to become available as this is by far my favorite dispensary so far.read more
Zach Dank
Zach D.
00:15 28 Dec 20
Great quality! Great staff! I’m not new to dispensary’s or cannabis. Prices are high, but right now it’s to be expected. Grabbed some Purple TrainWreck and as a cultivator as well.... my hat is off for their grower! Keep up the good work!read more
Gabrielle B
Gabrielle B
20:37 17 Dec 20
I had my first visit to Swade St. Peter’s last week, the store was beautiful, and the check in process was easy. The staff was very friendly and I was helped out by Galve who made deciding what to buy easy. He walked me through the strains that were available and was very knowledgeable. He showed me some of the various accessories, and I picked up a glass piece that made medicating much easier as I sometimes struggle with rolling my own. It was very helpful to be walked through all of the products available and be given the time I needed. I’ll definitely be back and would recommend Swade to anyone who is an experienced or new patient!read more
Greg Thornton
Greg T.
18:06 14 Dec 20
Was a bit apprehensive being my first time visiting a dispensary. But quickly felt at ease with the set up and employees. Great customer service!!! Employees are very knowledgeable and friendly.read more
Ryan F
Ryan F
22:02 09 Dec 20
Fantastic service. Extremely helpful, kind, and patient employees. From the person at the front desk checking me in (who was very kind and put me at ease) to the employees inside. One employee helped me with products, and all my questions in a very patient and friendly manner. They didn't try to sell the most expensive product, and recommended what they knew worked for my needs. Will definitely go back 😀read more
Lisa Schultz
Lisa S.
21:56 29 Nov 20
GREAT & friendly staff!! Just started going & I already feel just like Norm at Cheers.. everybody knows my name 👍❤😁read more
Christine Speers
Christine S.
11:41 24 Nov 20
The Staff are extremely helpful and friendly. CDC guidelines are being followed, which put me at ease.I have tried a few different strains. My latest -Red Cherry Berry, so far, is slightly reducing my high anxiety.I am also experiencing a bit more clarity and motivation.Thank you for your commitment to our health and wellbeing.read more
Tony Campise
Tony C.
01:00 23 Nov 20
Very helpful staff. Very informative. Upscale environment. Will not let you down.
David B
David B
01:40 21 Nov 20
Excellent! Exactly what I was hoping for in a cannabis dispensary. This was my first time in. The staff was kind, great knowledge on strains, and very professional. I highly recommend you go in and give them a try. The recommendation they made for me was spot on. The building was secure and felt like everyone that was patient facing cares and wants to find the right solution for you. Hopefully, they will have some expanded options as the business grows and supply chains relax. A+read more
Dave Davis
Dave D.
19:41 18 Nov 20
Very impressed. Welcomed with open arms here. Super cool friendly people. No line. (mid day wed) easy online ordering. Nice store. Well thought out. Product was good. My new spot. Place should be an example to the rest.read more
Kelly Dent
Kelly D.
13:53 14 Nov 20
Love this place! SUPER friendly and helpful staff. Clean and organized. It is very easy to order online and pick up. The pricing is also affordable and fair!read more
Kassandra R.
Kassandra R.
03:28 08 Nov 20
Awesome experience here! Everyone was very helpful, and nice. They answered all my questions, and I was in and out within 20 minutes.read more
james stoneburner
james S.
21:49 07 Nov 20
Great overall experience! Friendly staff and very upbeat.. very nice inside! I got 2 products and was very satisfied with 1 . The other I was not! But recommend anyone to visit this place and give it a shot...read more
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