Montana House Backs Major Medical Marijuana Law Reform

Montana continues to tweak its medical marijuana system, which was first written into law 15 years ago. On Monday, the state’s House passed Senate Bill 265, which makes important changes to the program including a temporary tax increase, the institution of doctor recommendations by phone, and the “untethering” of patients.

The change that may well make the biggest difference in the lives of patients is the “untethering” clause, which means that those in the medical marijuana program would no longer need to choose a single cannabis provider, and instead be able to buy from the provider that is most convenient on a given day. The bill does levy other restrictions in return for this new freedom. Patients will have a monthly purchasing cap of five ounces of cannabis, and a daily limit of one ounce of purchases.

“This is all brand-new to Montana; we’ve not really done things to this extent in the past,” the bill’s sponsor Senator Tom Jacobson told a local news site. “We knew there would be some changes that would have to come about.”

Another change that could benefits cannabis patients is the legalization of medical marijuana certifications by phone. This proved to be a controversial

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