New dispensary in Bay County sells marijuana plant clones –

BAY CITY, MI – A new marijuana dispensary in Bay County is breaking into a new market, according to its owners.

Hashish Boyz at 305 N Euclid is planning on offering more than just the typical fair of recreational and medical marijuana products. CEO and Founder Brandon Dabish said that the store will be selling clones, which are cuttings of marijuana plants, starting next week and that to his knowledge that Hashish Boyz is the first retailer in the state to sell clones.

“We feel like it’s a great opportunity to give people an opportunity to see the kind of care and the kind of work you have to put into a plant to really bring it to life and turn it into medicine and to medicate with it, and all the benefits of it,” Rami Kirma, COO said.

Dabish explained that there will be a limit on the number of plants that one can purchase but that there will be a variety of strains that customers can pick from.

So why offer clones instead of just seeds? Kirma said that cloning speeds up the process and allows already desirable plants to cloned, instead of home-growers having to start from scratch to select and

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