New Software Ensures Cannabis Advertising Complies With Regulations

Cannabis technology platform Fyllo announced on Monday that it is launching a new software tool that helps companies ensure that advertising and other creative content is compliant with applicable regulations. The new tool, known as Compass, allows brands in the cannabis industry to quickly verify compliance using Fyllo’s proprietary Compliance Recognition Technology.

With Compass, brands can drag and drop any digital asset such as advertisements, social media posts, and website content for analysis. The tool then uses advanced artificial intelligence, image recognition, and language processing to analyze text and imagery to detect non-compliant content.

Legal cannabis companies operate in one of the most tightly regulated industries in the world, rife with rules governing issues such as labeling, advertising, and claims of medical benefits that can vary by country, state, or even municipality. This lack of consistency from jurisdiction to jurisdiction makes it difficult to produce compliant creative content, particularly for brands attempting to establish a footprint at the regional or national level.

“Building a successful cannabis business means having to deal with numerous regulatory hurdles and roadblocks,” said Chad Bronstein, the CEO and founder of Fyllo. “Each state government and local municipality has its own stringent rules on advertising, which

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