New York Cannabis Licensing, Part 2: The Application Process

Finally, the post that all prospective New York cannabis applicants have been waiting for: an explanation of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act’s (MRTA) license application process.

We ask you to curb your enthusiasm: while the MRTA provides a framework for the license application process, the actual license application (including the license fee) will be created by the Cannabis Control Board (CCB). When? Hopefully in the next few months. The MRTA requires the CCB to deliver its first annual report by January 1, 2023, which means that the MRTA contemplates cannabis sales in 2022.

Instead of walking through the relevant provisions section by section, we thought it would be helpful to answer the questions every prospective applicant has already asked. Here they are:

Where can I obtain a license application?

From the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). Eventually. As we have repeatedly stressed, the CCB will be creating the rules and regulations for adult use licenses, including the form of the license application. The OCM will be responsible for administering the application process.

What information will be required for a license application?

The MRTA requires the following information to be included as part of the application created by the CCB

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