NJ Court Rules Medical Marijuana Patients Cannot Be Fired For Failed Drug Test

New Jersey workers can’t be fired for failing a drug test as a result of using medical marijuana, the state’s highest court ruled on Tuesday.

In a decision that backed an appellate court’s earlier ruling, the New Jersey Supreme Court said that patients approved under the state’s medical marijuana program are indeed protected under the Law Against Discrimination. 

The case centered around an employee at a funeral home who was prescribed medical cannabis after being diagnosed with cancer in 2015. According to NJ.com, the plaintiff, Justin Wild, informed his higher-ups of the prescription the following year after he was involved in a car accident, which the suit claims was not his fault. 

“Wild sued, arguing that he had been discriminated against,” NJ.com reported. “A Superior Court judge initially dismissed his case, but an appellate court sided with Wild.” 

Medical Cannabis and Employment

In its ruling last year, the appellate court said it “would be ironic indeed if the Compassionate Use Act,” the state law permitting medical marijuana use for qualifying patients, “limited the Law Against Discrimination to permit an employer’s termination of a cancer patient’s employment by discriminating without compassion.”

In its affirmation of the appellate court ruling, the state

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