North Carolina Lawmakers Endorse Medical Cannabis

North Carolina lawmakers appear serious about bringing medical cannabis to the Tar Heel State, with a legislative proposal passing a major test on Wednesday.

Members of the state Senate Judiciary Committee approved “bipartisan legislation that creates a patient, manufacturing, licensing and sales structure…” for a medical marijuana program in North Carolina, the Associated Press reported this week.

The bill passed with majority support on a voice vote, the Associated Press said.

Under the proposal, patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder and multiple sclerosis, among other conditions, would be eligible to obtain a medical marijuana card in the state, while a “special advisory board would have the power to add to the list of conditions,” the Associated Press reported. 

The AP has more details on the proposal: “Qualifying patients could obtain medical cannabis products for smoking or other uses through 10 suppliers licensed by a new state commission. Each supplier would control production from seedlings to sale at ‘medical cannabis centers’ from which to sell to the public. An amendment on Wednesday reduced the maximum number of sales centers for each licensee from eight to four. Suppliers would have to pay 10 percent of gross revenues monthly to the state.”


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