NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces Planned Tour of States With Legal Cannabis

After a failed attempt to legalize recreational cannabis in New York last year, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that he plans to try again in 2020 and is going to visit other states with legal pot to learn how it’s done.

“I’m going to visit Massachusetts, Illinois, and California or Colorado,” said Cuomo.

The governor wants to include provisions to legalize marijuana for use by adults in budget legislation again this year. In an effort to learn what has and what hasn’t worked in other jurisdictions, Cuomo said that he and members of his team would be paying a visit to three pot-legal states.

“Everybody has a plan, but can you actually get it done and does it turn out the way you planned it, right? That’s the big question,” the governor said. “And that’s where government usually gets into trouble. So I want to make sure we learn from them.”

Cuomo has said that he wants the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults to be a priority of this year’s budget negotiations, rather than passing a separate bill. To do that, the legislature will have to come to an agreement on the conditions of cannabis legalization and include them

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