Oklahoma City police search for dispensary break-in suspects – KOCO Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City police are searching for suspects who may be connected to five different dispensary break-ins.Preventative measures, even with bars on the door, couldn’t stop the break-ins. They came into Fire Up Cannabis in less than three minutes.”It’s not uncommon to see dispensary burglaries. I mean we got such a good price that you can come down here and get it,” said Juan Torres, manager at The Greens of Central Oklahoma Cannabis.Oklahoma City police responded to several marijuana dispensary break-ins overnight.”It’s unclear if they’re all related. They were in a very close time frame so there’s a good chance of that but they’re vastly different parts of town,” said MSgt. Gary Knight.While police are unsure if the break-ins are related, KOCO 5 got a photo of suspects attempting to get in at The Greens Cannabis on 23rd Street. The suspects in the video from Fire Up Dispensary on South Shields have similar headgear.”Because somebodies trying to come in and get your product. Like I said by doing that, it’s going to put the cost on our patients which we try to avoid at all costs,” Torres said.They had empty shelves, a busted door and $30,000 worth of medical marijuana

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