Ontario Lawmakers Looking Into Legalizing Cannabis Consumption Lounges

The government of Ontario, Canada is considering a proposal to allow cannabis consumption lounges to operate in the province and is soliciting feedback from residents on any potential changes to current regulations. The government announced the proposed change via a posting in the province’s regulatory registry on Monday, noting that comments from the public will be accepted for one month.

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada in 2018, Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government has said it hopes to create an open market in legal cannabis, including the establishment of cafes and lounges where public consumption is permitted. The government is also considering allowing cannabis use at special events such as concerts and festivals, according to Monday’s notice.

Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey said in a statement that the government is seeking guidance from the public on the proposals. Comments from the public will be accepted online until March 10.

“We are asking Ontarians to share their feedback as we explore certain expanded cannabis-related business opportunities as part of our responsible approach to protecting families and communities,” Downey said. “What we hear from the public and expert groups will help to inform possible next steps.”

Increasing Legal Options to the Illicit

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