#Plantón420 Has Been Camping Outside the Mexican Senate For a Month

Mexico City’s #Plantón420 has grown in size over the last week, probably because of all the cannabis-related political drama. Despite his party’s efforts to the contrary, President Andres Manuel López Obrador announced that recreational cannabis would not be legalized. But the day before our tardeada [afternoon party] at the protest camp, it was announced that a highly imperfect legalization plan had passed out of Mexican Senate committees. 

Something to celebrate? Something to protest? Surely both, which was why I helped organize a dance moment at the plantón with my friend DJ Rosa Pistola. We figured music would get our social circles to connect with the semi-permanent protest camp that the coalition of Movimiento Cannábico Mexicano [Mexican Cannabis Movement] has set up in front of the Senate building, a not-so-subtle reminder to politicians that marijuana consumers and cultivators exist and are watching how all this legalization will play out. 

The Plantón’s organizers plan to camp in front of the Mexican Senate for months—or at least until lawmakers legalize cannabis. (Photo credit: Caitlin Donohue)

Some of the MCM activists have been camping out in the shadow of the Senate for a month straight — fresh faces were appreciated at the protest camp.

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