Recreational Cannabis Won’t Make Missouri Ballot

While Missouri voters were excited about the chance to vote on recreational cannabis this November, it turns out they will have to wait another year, as medical cannabis won’t be making the ballot. 

The organization that rallied to try and get cannabis on the ballot, Missourians for a New Approach, are suspending their efforts, according to the Springfield News Leader.  

The group claimed that they dealt with difficulties getting signatures due to the shelter-in-place order that is demanding Missouri residents to stay at home to help get the COVID-19 crisis under control. In total, they needed 170,000 signatures for the Missouri ballot, and that was too hard to do with the limited time and resources they faced under lockdowns. 

In response to this crisis and how it impacted their campaign, Missourians for a New Approach tried to persuade the state to let them collect signatures online instead in person. However, they weren’t successful in getting their plea to collect signatures digitally passed in time. 

Is The Delay For The Best?

Not everyone thinks this delay is a bad thing. Josh Loftis, an advocate for legal, medical cannabis patients in Missouri, feels like the delay will give people more time to

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