Saving Hempfest – The Mission, Transition, and How You Can Help!

CANNABIS CULTURE – “In addition to fighting for freedom, we are now also fighting to keep the Hempfest fire burning.” Says Vivian McPeak, executive director of Seattle’s Hempfest.

“On this, our 29th year of our journey to justice, we have to transition the mission to a new venue online, and we are excited about sharing our Green Renaissance vision of a cannabis-driven, post-COVID future.”  –  Vivian McPeak, executive director of Hempfest.

Hemp is easily one of the most versatile and cost-effectively produced natural resources at our disposal.  It is also one of the most underused and carries a stigma due to its association with marijuana and hashish.  Yet, despite this, in 2019 over 100,000 people flocked to Seattle’s biggest “protestival,” HEMPFEST! The world’s largest festival of its kind, Hempfest is a magical event where like-minded people come together annually to advocate for marijuana decriminalization, which would go hand in hand with the increased use of hemp.

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to change the way we live and the rules we must follow, festivals have obviously also taken a hit.  Hempfest is not immune.  Social distancing and masks are required in Seattle in all public places.  Many people are taking regulations

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