Seven Mississippi Doctors Pen Letter in Support of Medical Cannabis Initiative

One week ago, Mississippi announced that a question to legalize medical marijuana would be on the state’s November 2020 ballot. That same day, January 9, the Mississippi Board of Health issued a press release announcing its strong opposition to the medical cannabis initiative. Now, a group of seven Mississippi doctors are pushing back against the Board of Health’s anti-medical cannabis resolution. The letter, published Wednesday, voices strong support for Initiative 65 while blasting the Board’s arguments against a medical cannabis program.

Group of Mississippi Physicians Defy State Board of Health

Seven Mississippi physicians, representing a number of health fields from psychiatry to ophthalmology, are taking the state Board of Health to task over its opposition to Initiative 65, a ballot initiative to legalize medical cannabis in Mississippi.

Describing the health board’s arguments as “filled with misinformation and outdated arguments,” the letter goes on to say that the Board’s resolution against medical cannabis “offers no compelling reason” to prevent more than 5,700 Mississippi physicians from treating their patients with medical cannabis.

The Board of Health’s resolution against Initiative 65 inveighs against medical cannabis treatments, rehearsing debunked arguments that medical cannabis is recreational legalization in disguise, causes mental illness and addiction, increases

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