Study: Gas Station CBD Products Deliver Only 40% of Labeled Potency

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New research shows that the amount of cannabidiol found in CBD products can vary dramatically by purchase location, with items from gas stations faring worse and delivering only 40% of the labeled potency. Results of the study performed by the CBD Awareness Project were published recently on the online information resource’s website.

Austin Meadows, the research editor for the CBD Awareness Project, told High Times that the overwhelming presence of CBD products in the marketplace inspired the group to investigate potency claims.

“We were interested in testing potency in CBD products because right now the CBD market is saturated and yet fairly unregulated,” Meadows said in an email. “We have seen so many CBD products in gas stations and grocery stores, and like any product that advertises dosages, became curious as to how much CBD was actually in these infused waters, pain relief creams, lozenges, etc.”

Which Retailers Have The Most Reliable Products?

To conduct the study, researchers purchased 15 CBD projects from various sales outlets throughout South Florida. A variety of products including topicals, edibles, and infused beverages of varying price points were purchased from grocery stores, CBD stores, and gas stations. The products were then

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