Tea Time with Meo Marley

MEO MARLEY – I tried all three of Meo Marleys Herbals Blends; The OG, Potpourri, and The Zen Blends. According to the manufacturer, each blend is unique and offers individual therapeutic benefits. So, I decided to put these claims to the test.

While I smoked Meo Marleys Herbal Blends mixed into my joint, The flavors were very aromatic and soft –  reminding me of good quality teas. The obvious difference, Meo Marley’s is meant to be smoked rather than drank. Still, the effect gave me all the relaxing properties I find in a soothing cup of tea.  I spun my joint with a weed to me Marley blend at an 80:20 ratio. For me, that was the perfect amount, to cut down on my weed intake, while still enjoying the high.

A stronger blend is safe, but I found was the taste too overpowering. 

I very much enjoyed the Zen Blend, with its lavender flavors and aromas. It helped me get into a relaxed and peaceful state and ease my way into sleep. 

This blend goes perfectly with your post-yoga/ meditation doobie. The OG Blend, I found a little overpowering. I prefer Sativa strains with natural citric flavors,

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