Tennessee Lawmakers Introduce Medicinal Cannabis Bill

Lawmakers in Tennessee’s House of Representatives have introduced a bill that would legalize the use of medicinal cannabis in the state. The measure, House Bill 637, would allow patients with one or more qualifying medical conditions to use medical marijuana and establish a regulatory framework for the production and distribution of medicinal cannabis products.

The bill was introduced by Republican Rep. Ron Travis and Rep. Jason Hodges, a Democrat. HB 637 is a companion bill to a similar measure reintroduced in the Tennessee Senate by Republican Sen. Janice Bowling earlier this year. She also introduced the bill during the previous legislative session but it failed to get enough support from fellow lawmakers.

The Tennessee Medical Cannabis Act

HB 637 which is also known as the Tennessee Medical Cannabis Act, would allow patients with one or more serious medical conditions to use medical marijuana. Patients would be required to obtain a doctor’s approval or provide documentation of a diagnosis for a qualifying medical condition. 

The  medical conditions that qualify a patient for medical marijuana use under the bill include:

Cancer Glaucoma Epilepsy HIV/AIDS Crohn’s disease Muscular sclerosis Opioid addiction Renal failure Severe nausea or chronic pain Any medical condition producing cachexia

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