Tennessee Man Lights Up Joint in Court To Protest Marijuana Laws

Out of the mists of confusion and panic that have roiled 2020 heretofore, a hero emerges. Instead of ducking his head, standing up straight, and expressing remorse for his weed during his Tennessee case for small time marijuana possession, one man decided to protest the powers that be, and blazed one for all the court to enjoy. 

Defendant Spencer Boston must have really considered how best to convince Judge Haywood Barry that drug prohibition has got to go. The 20 year old had the floor during his trial in Wilson County on Monday, and was expounding on the injustice of banning US residents from consuming cannabis when he gave the legal assemblage a literal whiff of what he was talking about. 

Boston removed a joint and a box of matches from his pocket. One can only imagine the courtroom’s reaction when he went ahead and lit the contraband. 

Whatever other impression it may have made on Judge Haywood, it may not immediately help Boston retain his liberty. He was abruptly hustled out of the court by security. 

Not without saying his final words on the matter, though. As Boston was trundled out, he swiveled around and delivered his conclusion. 


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