The 420 Issue: How to get your medical marijuana card in Florida – Orlando Weekly

Over the past decade-plus, Orlando Weekly readers have come to know me through my Live Active Cultures column as a lover of the performing arts and theme parks. In honor of 4/20, I’m also coming out of the closet as an aficionado of live resin, active tetrahydrocannabinol and medical cannabis culture. When I first mentioned Californian medical marijuana back in 2011, or covertly covered its Central Florida connections five years later, I couldn’t have imagined how easy it would be today to get legal weed within spitting distance of Orlando’s family-friendly theme parks. It might sound like a fairy tale to old-school Orlando stoners, but herein lies the totally true tale of how Groupon helped me score government-sanctioned ganja in the shadow of Gringotts.

Medical marijuana dispensaries can now be found in all corners of Central Florida, and even if one hasn’t opened in your neighborhood yet, several offer delivery service throughout the region. A number are clustered on East Colonial Drive not far from UCF, while others are grouped along South Orange Blossom Trail, but there are an ever-growing number within the heart of Orlando’s tourist corridor itself. You’ll find GrowHealthy on Turkey Lake Road, less

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