The Cannabis Act Is A Fraud

CANNABIS CULTURE – And Genocide Against The Herbally Autonomous.

To whom it may concern,  

Regarding your consultation process over problems with the Cannabis Act. In section 7 of the Cannabis Act, it states that “The purpose of this Act is to protect public health and public safety and, in particular, to (a) protect the health of young persons by restricting their access to cannabis; (b) protect young persons and others from inducements to use cannabis; (c) provide for the licit production of cannabis to reduce illicit activities in relation to cannabis; (d) deter illicit activities in relation to cannabis through appropriate sanctions and enforcement measures; (e) reduce the burden on the criminal justice system in relation to cannabis; (f) provide access to a quality-controlled supply of cannabis; and (g) enhance public awareness of the health risks associated with cannabis use.” Each of these stated purposes are fraudulent pretexts, hiding the real purpose of the act, which is to set up a cannabis cartel for the rich and privileged.  If the Canadian government really cared at all about protecting “the health of young persons” they would not restrict their access to cannabis, but rather follow the recommendations of the Senate Report of 2002, which recommended the

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