The DEA Does Not Want You To Worry About Its New Hemp Rule. Don’t Take the Bait!

Last week the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued a bad interim hemp rule. I wrote that it was dangerous because I viewed it as making most hemp processing activities illegal if, at any point in processing hemp, the level of delta-9 THC increases beyond 0.3%– even if the hemp was remediated before it left the processor’s premises. My colleague Nathalie Bougenies wrote about how this interim rule could have devastating impacts on the burgeoning hemp-derived delta-8 THC industry. North Carolina attorney Rod Kight raised these concerns as well and he and I both spoke to Kyle Jaeger of Marijuana Moment about why we think are concerned about the DEA’s interim hemp rule.

According to LA Weekly, who contacted the DEA, the DEA has heard the concerns:

The DEA’s spokesman, Special Agent Sean Mitchell, kept it brief and first spoke to the general panic of the last week. “The DEA is aware of the concerns of the CBD industry, and is evaluating policy options,” he told L.A. Weekly in a phone interview.

Special Agent Mitchell went on to downplay the concern by stating that the DEA has much more pressing priorities:

We asked if things went the way the

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