The Soma-Haoma Question

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Sacred soma/haoma were plant based ritual drinks of the ancient Vedic and Avestan religions, thought to have originated from a common earlier past. Soma and haoma were  said to have inspired the poets who recorded these traditions as well. Through ancient prohibitions and the passage of time, the identity of soma and haoma was lost, leaving only the religious texts that described their entheogenic qualities behind them. As a result this has left modern religious scholars a riddle in discovering this ancient mystery plants long lost identity. In this series we will examine some of the most popular candidates that have been put forth as answers to The Soma Question, Cannabis, Psychedelic Mushrooms and Syrian Rue. “The History of the search for Soma is, properly, the history of Vedic studies in general, as the Soma sacrifice was the focal point of the Vedic religion… everything of a mystical nature within that religion is pertinent to the identity of the plant” (Doniger O’Flaherty, 1968).

Rig Veda Tenth Mandala [excerpts]

Sanctify Soma our mind, our heart, our intellect; and may thy worshippers delight in thy friendship, like cattle in fresh pasture, in thine exhilaration (produced) by the

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