Transcendent Solution (Psilocybin Mushrooms and Human Health)

CANNABIS CULTURE –  “I felt just generally happier right away, and by week 2 I was feeling a more general calmness when I normally have a floating anxiety all the time. I have noticed that talking about things related to my traumas has been much easier. I can speak about things more matter of fact and less emotionally driven. I feel a much greater sense of empathy.” says  Jason B., a young man from Newark, New Jersey, who once dealt with devastating anxiety and depression.

Jason recalls always enjoying psychedelics, and a few years ago he spent a couple months experimenting with acid on the weekends.  This experience led him to recall some deeply buried trauma in his life that he was then left to face.  At first this was a lot to handle for him, but as he worked his way through his emerging memories, he came to the realization that if psychedelics could actually unlock these repressed events, then they should also be useful in helping him work through them if he was open to it.  Jason decided to start looking into microdosing mushrooms and the experiences that others had in doing so.  Since then, he started

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