Trump Threatens To Pull Federal Cannabis Protections

The president’s new financial plan for the 2021 fiscal year has dropped, and to few people’s surprise it features a massive uptick in spending on the military and border security, and cuts to student loan assistance and social welfare programs. 

But what about cannabis? The news isn’t great; the document proposes the elimination of a rider that has kept the feds from interfering with state-legal marijuana programs. 

Trump originally expressed his support for medicinal cannabis states’ marijuana rights on the presidential campaign trail. But when he took office, he filled the Justice, Health, and Homeland Security Departments with appointees who subscribe to the Reefer Madness school of cannabis policy. The president’s bellicose border policy likewise hinges on a re-escalation of the War on Drugs.

The 2021 budget isn’t all bad news for the future of cannabis. $17 million has been set aside to fund a national hemp program, clarifying regulation and government assistance to the industry. 

Money has also been earmarked for FDA cannabis regulation research into the plant, which could pave the way to future expanded access for consumers and patients. Even livestock could see slightly more green in the future, according to the document; a sparse $500,000 is

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