Vancouver’s Lift Expo Displays the Future of Legal Cannabusiness, and No Cannabis

CANNABIS CULTURE – Last week, big shots, salespeople, liberty seekers and motivated entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the “green rush” converged on the basement of the Vancouver Convention Center for the cities first cannabis conference since “legalization.”

Billed as “Canada’s Meeting Place for Cannabis”, from the 10 – 13 of January the Lift & Co. Cannabis Business Conference opened its doors in downtown Vancouver.

Truth is, if you’ve been to a convention before, you’ve kind of been to them all. The well-lit stands, shuffling crowds and eager salespeople generally have the same energy.

Here, there were a couple of differences from your typical business convention. Firstly, there were noticeably less ties, though many in attendance did don their classiest attire.

A peculiar reality, especially in a post-“legalization” reality, for a convention on cannabis, there was little to of the miraculous plant on display. Perhaps I missed it, but i did not even smell the familiar pungent smoke until exiting the convention hall. This is common at cannabis conferences, cannabis is talked about, while being kept out of view. 

Still, the people were there, so I got a chance to talk to all the different sorts of people populating the floor.


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