Video Shows NYPD Violently Arresting Young Black Man Suspected Of Smoking Weed

A group of New York police officers violently forced a young Black man to the ground on Wednesday evening and arrested him on suspicion of smoking marijuana in a Brooklyn park and then fleeing the scene.

Bystander videos — captured and posted to Twitter by New York-based comedian Velvet — show a plainclothes officer pinning the man against a wall while waiting for backup. The man, whose identity has not yet been confirmed, can be seen holding a cellphone in one hand and nothing in the other. Both of his hands are in the air.

“What crime did I commit?” he can be heard asking the officer, who then appears to pull out a stun gun and point it at him. “What did I do? I did not do anything.”

The officer, whose name has not been released by the New York City Police Department, orders the man to stop moving.

“I don’t have a weapon on me,” the man tells the officer. “What crime did I commit? You’re supposed to [tell me.] That’s the law.”

Suddenly, three more police officers run over and force the man to the

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