Washington’s Canna-Tech Troubles Once Again Point to MJ Freeway

On July 31, the state of Washington agreed to extend its contract with MJ Freeway for state Liquor Control Board’s marijuana traceability program. The contract runs through September 30.

A three-month extension to a state contract such as this wouldn’t ordinarily rate a headline, but the Marijuana Traceability Program in Washington is no ordinary contract. The program and MJ Freeway have been fraught with glitches, hacks and other problems, as reported by Freedom Leaf, for years.

MJ Freeway started with such great promise. It was one of the first seed-to-sale tracking systems to enter the market. The founders used their experience in the banking industry and in technology to create a tracking and point-of-sale system that could be employed by local businesses and state agencies. They used their marketing savvy to secure several state contracts and become a market leader.

The troubles began with hacks into MJ Freeway’s system. Problems started showing up in the underlying code, not just causing minor annoyances or occasional glitches, but full-on system-wide shutdowns.

Some called on the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) to fire MJ Freeway and implement a different system, yet Washington refused to give up on the company and its Leaf

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