Weediatrics : Documenting the Impact of Federal Cannabis Prohibition on Kids & Their Families

CANNABIS CULTURE –In 2020, cannabis will still be considered a Schedule I drug in America despite local legalization in over half of all U.S. states. The federal government still prohibits its medical use due to their firm stance on cannabis: the plant and its properties contain no medical benefit, and worse, is prone to abuse. And despite state level legalization, medical marijuana is still federally illegal to transport across state lines and labels patients that do so federal offenders. 

Despite this, the majority of Americans support medical cannabis. But even in states where it is legal, parents treating their children with cannabis for pediatric conditions run the risk of getting into trouble with Child Protective Services.

For Texan Mark Zartler, this risk is all too real. His daughter was born with cerebral palsy, and by kindergarten had received an autism diagnosis.  She began violently striking herself in the face, sometimes for half the day. When her parents’ physicians recommended antipsychotics, they complied and noticed poor results and unmanageable side effects. Frustrated, they followed did their research and opted for medical cannabis, and the results changed everything for them in two ways. First, it provided their daughter nearly instant relief. Second,

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