West Virginia Lawmaker Plans to Introduce Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Could West Virginia be the latest state to relax its marijuana laws? Democratic lawmakers there are sending signals that they are ready.

One such legislator, state Delegate Sammi Brown, said that she intends to re-introduce a version of a bill she offered up in last year’s session that aims to “normalize” cannabis.

“What if we had something that put a big green light out there, no pun intended, that said come on home, and this might be it,” Brown said, as quoted by local television station WOWK.

According to the station, the new bill “will focus on criminal justice reforms and de-stigmatizing cannabis by expunging certain possession charges and work towards non-criminal adult use,” with Brown’s ultimate hope of luring people to West Virginia.

Her bill introduced last year, titled the “Normalization of Cannabis Act,” would have, among other things, allowed adults aged 21 and older to “use,  grow, possess, transport, and give away cannabis and homemade cannabis products,” so long as it was strictly for personal use. 

It is unclear whether Brown’s new legislation will retain all of the same provisions as last year’s proposal. 

What is clear is that the forthcoming bill will face opposition in West Virginia’s

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