Will Psilocybin Clinics Be The Next Big Thing in Treating Depression?

Earlier this year we wrote about the movement to decriminalize psilocybin – noting its success in Denver, Oakland, and Santa Cruz – and that nearly 100 other cities are looking at decriminalizing psychedelics. (The Psilocybin Movement is Like the Cannabis Movement (Except When It’s Not)). That article posited that psilocybin would move along two tracks similar to cannabis (medical and pharmaceutical) before approaching the “retail model” initiatives that became standard with adult use cannabis.

We also have been tracking the use of ketamine to treat depression and litigation related thereto:

In the first article, we noted the proliferation of ketamine clinics and the larger trend of the health care provider community in exploring alternative therapies and emerging medicine, including the use of psilocybin.

A paper recently published by the National Academy of Scientists may prove groundbreaking in helping us understand why psilocybin is “showing considerable promise as a therapeutic intervention for neuropsychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety, and addiction,” according to its authors. I’ll be the first to confess that the science described in the paper is beyond me, but this article by Georgia Perry does a good job. Ms. Perry writes that “an international team of scientists created a

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