Zoom Call With My Patron Saint (Tommy Chong, Spirituality & End of Life Emotions)

CANNABIS CULTURE – I was so excited the afternoon I was told that I would get to interview Tommy Chong.

I immediately sat down and started coming up with specific questions so as to maximize my time with this legend. I was so meticulous and had all my sample questions prepared for my editor and Tommy’s manager Jon-Paul and sent back to them within a couple hours. Awesome questions if I do say so myself but they were not to be. I tried not to fret while waiting the days for this monumental interview but did anyway.

How was I gonna use this fantastic opportunity to speak for cannabis advocacy to reach others? How? How do I not screw it up? 

The Interview finally started after scrambling with Zoom and the different time zones to make sure I didn’t mess it up in the last five minutes before the interview.

STRESS !! Zoom connected and I was looking into the face of Tommy Chong the patron saint of ganja. Big Smile on his face. The interview changed right there. 

I had been wanting to do this interview for the power of Tommy’s voice to help me with reaching others

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