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5 Things to Know before Visiting Missouri Cannabis Dispensaries

  • Research Dispensaries in Your Area
  • Do Your Homework on Marijuana Strains
  • Know the Consumption Methods
  • Understand the Drill
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

This Is What You Need to Know Before Visiting Missouri Cannabis Dispensaries

Your first visit to a Marijuana dispensary doesn’t have to be intimidating. Understanding the details guarantees you a surreal experience when visiting the cannabis dispensary. This article has what you need to know before visiting Missouri cannabis dispensaries.

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Research Dispensaries in Your Area

You’ll notice that there are more than a few cannabis dispensaries in Missouri. The wide variety of options makes the selection a tad confusing for anyone. So you can end up with the right option; it’s invaluable to research dispensaries in your area.

Today, every cannabis dispensary is regulated by the authorities. In Missouri, recreational use of marijuana is illegal, so you only buy cannabis for medical use. The Missouri cannabis dispensary will thus require that a physician clears you first.

Marijuana dispensaries share a unique green cross which is universal. If you look around your local area map, you’ll see a few options you could go. How do you know which marijuana dispensary is right for you?

Not all dispensaries are the same; there are differences in how they’re operated and their products. It would be best to do your homework by conducting a background check on every available option. Read the customer reviews about the dispensary to help with choosing which makes a real difference.

Assess the ratings of the Missouri marijuana dispensaries on third-party review websites. You’ll likely have better information for a definitive decision with such checks.

Do Your Homework on Marijuana Strains

Do you have an idea on which marijuana strain gives you the kicker? Knowing about the different marijuana strains helps you get the effect you’re seeking.

The Missouri marijuana dispensaries will have their products well labeled on display. Therefore, you’ll need to know the exact item you want before you buy marijuana. The various cannabis strains can be confusing, but you need some knowledge on the subject.

Understand the strain – whether it’s sativa, indica, or a hybrid – and know the effects they elicit. Sativa is mainly the uplifting strain offering high energy. Indica, on the other hand, can be a bit heavier with a high that’s chill.

Some people enjoy both effects, so there are various hybrid options you can choose from. Budtenders are always willing to help with your selection if you feel that you’re stuck. However, it’s advisable to conduct in-depth research to find an option you fancy.


Know the Consumption Methods

How do you intend to consume cannabis products? You need to know the various consumption methods before visiting a Missouri cannabis dispensary.

Unless you’re a first-timer, I presume you have the right equipment to consume cannabis. Finding your preference will take some time for beginners, so don’t be too selective.

The various marijuana products are each consumed differently. Some of the cannabis products and their consumption include;

  • Waxes – consumed through dabbing
  • Oils – can be applied or used in food
  • Hemp or bud – ideal for smoking
  • Edibles – consumed by direct ingestion

Each method offers a unique kicker, so you’re free to choose what works for you. It’d be a total bummer if you buy cannabis products you’re not equipped to enjoy.

Understand the Drill

After researching comes the tricky part – walking into the Missouri cannabis dispensaries. Although all the dispensaries are different, they practically expect the same thing from you. Understanding the drill will be critical to ensuring the visit is surreal.

Check through the qualifying conditions of the Missouri cannabis dispensary. A professional judgment by a physician will be required if you have to use marijuana medically. The conditions are used in place to eradicate recreational misuse of cannabis.

You have to get certified for medical marijuana for treatment. As a customer, you might be required to fill out an MMJ patient registration form to have a marijuana card. The card use comes with advantages like relief and refunds in some instances, so seek it.

Also, check the method of payment before going into the cannabis dispensary. Some dispensaries insist on cash-only purchases, so be ready to meet their terms. Understanding the drill makes the whole shopping process easier.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Do you have any questions about the marijuana dispensary experience? Don’t be afraid to ask the budtender; they’re always ready to help.

It’s okay not to have everything figured out. Most first-timers feel anxious and fail to ask the questions that’d help them make the right decision. Such cases end up with the wrong purchase, which is catastrophic.

Be specific about what you’re asking to find a befitting answer. You could also ask for recommendations, and they come in handy, which is practical. Asking questions although overlooked can make the visit to a cannabis dispensary interesting.

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