Missouri Marijuana Jobs

The booming business of regulated cannabis in Missouri has opened up a flurry of new job opportunities throughout the state. With over 200 licensed medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in the state, and the industry has a need for qualified employees. Here are some of the job roles that are currently available in the Missouri cannabis industry:

  1. Budtenders – Budtenders are the face of the business. Responsible for selling cannabis products to customers at dispensaries, a good budtender needs to have a good understanding of different strains and products, as well as their effects. In addition to sales, they may also be responsible for maintaining inventory and making sure the dispensary is kept clean and organized.

  2. Cultivation Technicians – Cultivation technicians are responsible for growing and harvesting the plants. Knowledge of plant biology and be able to follow specific protocols to ensure that the plants are healthy and produce high-quality buds are a plus. They may also be responsible for maintaining the grow facility.

  3. Extraction Technicians – Extraction technicians are responsible for extracting cannabinoids and other compounds from the cannabis plant using specialized equipment. They need to have a good understanding of chemistry and be able to follow specific protocols to ensure that the extraction is safe and effective.

  4. Lab Technicians – Lab technicians are responsible for testing cannabis products to ensure that they are safe and meet regulatory standards. They need to understand laboratory procedures and be able to use specialized equipment to analyze samples.

  5. Dispensary Managers – Dispensary managers are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day store operations. They need to have strong leadership and organizational skills, as well as a good understanding of the cannabis industry and the regulations that govern it.

These are just a few examples of the job roles that are available in cities like Kansas City, St Louis, Springfield, Columbia, Independence, Lee’s Summit, and St Joseph. As the industry continues to grow, there will likely be even more opportunities for people interested in working in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

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