An Obituary of the Bernie Sanders Campaign

In the coming months there are going to be dozens of run-downs, explainers, and op-eds about what the Sanders campaign did wrong, what it should have done instead, and what lessons there are to be learned from the 2020 Democratic primary. They will be written by the same people who, despite getting everything wrong in 2016, are still paid six figures for their terrible opinions. The same people who told you that invading Iraq in 2003 was both justified and a good idea, who told you Trump would never win the 2016 Republican primary let alone the presidency, who told you that people love their employer-based healthcare and don’t want to replace it, will nevertheless be receiving healthy paychecks for their job of treating you like you’re a rube and a tremendous dunce incapable of applying even the most rudimentary level of critical thought. 

What happened in the Democratic primary isn’t difficult to understand and you don’t need an Ivy-league pedigree to explain it. You don’t need the help of someone who’s been treating politics like a game of four-dimensional chess (a game they keep losing) instead of what it actually is, a ruthless zero-sum battle for the control of

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