Another Cannabis Trademark Dispute, Another Settlement

Earlier this month, the company now known as LeafedOut, but formerly known as LeafedIn, reached a settlement with LinkedIn over allegations of trademark infringement. As readers of this blog are well aware, this is not the first instance of a non-cannabis party alleging trademark infringement by a cannabis company:

Fortunately, in this instance, the parties seem to have come to an amicable resolution to what surely would have been a losing legal battle for LeafedOut/LeafedIn. LeafedOut touts itself as a “networking solution” for those in the cannabis space, placing its services squarely within those covered by LinkedIn’s U.S. federal trademark registrations, including:

“Online business networking services” “Computer software development tools for business and social networking” “Entertainment and educational services, namely, conducting seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions featuring instructional presentations in the fields of personal development, career development, relationship building and social networking”

Although the nature of the settlement was unclear, a press release issued by LeafedOut makes it clear that the company is capitalizing on this as a marketing opportunity, which is really best case scenario for these kinds of disputes.

This case seems to be another clear example of a cannabis company attempting to parody or riff off of

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