California Cannabis: DCR Issues City of Los Angeles Licensing Update

On Friday, January 31, the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation (“DCR”) issued an updates bulletin to stakeholders via email that outlines some important highlights and reminders for licensees and would-be licensees in the City. Below are the key points, with analysis.

1. 100 Phase 3 Retail Round One applicants determined eligible for further processing.

The initial 100 applicants in Round 1, Phase 3 are moving forward in the licensing process with the DCR. On September 3, 2019 at 10 a.m., the DCR opened the flood gates to would-be Round 1 applicants. Prior to that date, the DCR verified more than 1600 social equity applicants (folks had to be approved as social equity applicants by July 29, 2019). 802 social equity applicants vied for the first 100 coveted Type 10 retail licenses (75 of which went to Type 1 social equity applicants and 25 of which went to Type 2 social equity applicants).

Round 1 licensing was first come, first served with an online application via the City’s Accela licensing portal. One of the hallmark criteria for Round 1, in addition to meeting the social equity qualification, was proof of right to real property the intended license type. The real property had

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