Cannabis Company Proposes New Dispensary Location Near Addiction Treatment Center

A cannabis dispensary proposed for Chicago’s upscale West Town neighborhood is drawing opposition from officials at a nearby addiction treatment center, who say the store would pose a risk to the facility’s clients. Licensed cannabis company NuMed wants to open the dispensary on the second floor of a building whose entrance would be on the same block as Haymarket Center, an addiction treatment center that sees visits from about 500 people a day.

Dan Lustig, a psychologist who serves as the president and CEO of Haymarket, said that he is concerned that a cannabis dispensary would be too much of a temptation for people struggling with addiction.

“This will trigger patients to relapse,” Lustig said.

“There’s only two outcomes to substance use disorder: Either you get better or you die. So I’m going to have individuals with life-threatening medical issues having to pass through that to get into treatment here,” he added.

Lustig has solicited support from nearby business owners, prompting the Fulton Market Association to distribute a petition seeking to ban dispensaries from opening within a two-block radius of Haymarket Center.

“We want to create a safe perimeter around the building so that we don’t have to keep fighting

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