Cool Cannabis Careers: Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson, Pot-Casters and Chronic Comics

The first time I laid eyes on Mike Glazer and Merry Jane Gibson I just liked their faces.

I was not particularly interested in their podcast, though. Not because of the hosts, both of whom are very cool people, but because (being honest) I find podcasts boring. This even applies to those where I’m a guest, as well as to the one I host: I just don’t like them.

But, they say, it takes only one good experience to change one’s mind. For my partner, it took one perfectly charred, whole fish we tried at a restaurant in Argentina last night to get over her dislike of seafood. For me, it was Weed+Grub, among a few other great podcasts, that helped me get over my prejudiced view of audio-only, non-musical entertainment.

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