Crazy Calm’s CBD Smooths the Edges of Instant Coffee

CANNABIS CULTURE – CBD in coffee is a new idea spreading fast.  I like the concept – caffeine without the jitters, cannabis without the high – but I think Crazy Calm has an average product in a blossoming market.

Finding CBD in food and drink is making a scene in the states.  I had a donut in Portland with the slippery stuff baked right in, and it made for a smooth afternoon.  Most of us like getting cozy and snacking at the end of the day. Now, you can chill in the mornings while you’re being productive.  Crazy Calm is a company out of Austin TX combining CBD with instant Coffee. (Unfortunately, they only ship within the United States for now).

Check out their website:

The coffee is a dark-roast, and Crazy Calm has little to say about where it comes from:  “Our blend is USDA organic, fair trade coffee…” With notes of dog treats and flat soda, it’s not for the connoisseur of delicate java.  But instant coffee has its benefits. Already being brewed to a perfect extraction yield and dehydrated, the cup should never come up sour or leave a dry taste in you mouth.  You could

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